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What's the best looking next-gen console?

Playstation 5 Physical 11 11.46%
Playstation 5 Digital 25 26.04%
Xbox Series X 50 52.08%
Xbox Series S 10 10.42%

Both are hideous

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

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Xbox series X

The PS5 looks like something I wouldn't want to own.

PS5 physical
I heard some say the digital edition seems like the standard, and the physical like an afterthought with the lump on its side. But what can I say, I like the sexy lump. - Just thought of it: "my humps" as a start up sound woud be epic.

I like the look of the XSX mostly because it's unobtrusive. I like my game consoles to blend, not to flash.

Series X looks better. Especially when lit up by the green LEDs inside it.

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They are all quite ugly. PS5DE if I was forced to choose.

My ranking:

#1) The Series X. It looks simple and, despite its bulk, rather elegant. Its minimalism may not make it pretty, but it does make it unobtrusive. It may very well be the least ostentatious console design to date. Its simplicity is a good look, and it looks fine regardless of whether its oriented vertically or horizontally.

#2) The disc-less PS5. It looks quite fancy compared to the minimalist XSX. The PS5 has the most distinctive look of any system since perhaps the GameCube, with some interesting curves, and I like the black-and-white contrast. However, there is a catch. Because its overall shape is symmetrical only one way, it only looks good in the vertical position. Something looks off about it when its oriented horizontally.

#3) The Series S. Despite its small size, it is a bit more conspicuous than its big brother. It's that vent that looks like a speaker. It's not a bad look per se, but it looks odd for a console. If the system was entirely one color or the other it would look better. Unlike the PS5, it doesn't make the two-tone color scheme work.

#4) The standard PS5. The disc drive creates an additional asymmetry to the system, as unlike the digital version it's not even symmetrical on the long axis. This creates a more unusual look. It does make it look slightly better than the digital version when oriented horizontally, but overall the general aesthetic of the PS5 (both versions) looks like it was clearly designed with vertical orientation in mind.

Series X has an ugly form, but otherwise it's the best. Series S is almost cute, but I don't really expect a console to look like a speaker... PS5 is OK but it's trying too hard to look classy. Overall, Series X is the best even though I'm not a huge fan, Series S comes next because while it's a tad ugly, it looks like a console, whereas PS5 gets the last place for trying too much. Both new Xbox consoles would fit quite nicely in my home, but PS5 would look seriously out of place.

Overall, this is probably the worst console generation in terms of looks since 3D became a thing. I mean, Swich is neat, but it's kind of in its own league, and all other 3D generations have had at least one decent-looking console. Actually the 8th generation has probably been the best one so far in terms of looks because all consoles look at least decent.

Wihtout the black circle its an easy win for Xbox Series S
But for what it is, I like the simple design of Xbox Series X.
Ps5 is just hard to look at.

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The Xbox Series X looks new, clean, and bold. I would say the Series S if its vent was colored white instead of black.

The PS5 just does not look good.Its huge, its bulky, its asymmetrical. I can already see used PS5s on store shelves with the plastic wings being broken off.