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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity announced, taking place100 years before Breath of the Wild (releases November 20th, 2020)

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Digital Version Preorder Bonus
In-game item:  Lucky Ladle
One of the weapons Link can use in the game. You can equip this for battle (paired with a Pot Lid), or you can fuse it with other weapons for stat boosts.
*This item will not be immediately available to owners of the package version of the game, but may be offered as a paid item at a later date.

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I always wished the memories in botw were playable, but I guess they kinda are now. I don’t know how to do spoiler tags but it’s going to be sad watching some of the scenes

This was out of nowhere and I have to get it. Smart move throwing BotW stories into a Hyrule Warriors game, I may have skipped it otherwise but now I'm hooked already.

I'm more excited about this than I thought I would be.

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Do anyone know how many copies of Hyrule Warriors were sold on Wii U and on Switch? Just to get an idea for this game.
It doesn't look like it could push HW sales during the holiday quarter IMO

I don't like Warriors games...but I'll be damned if I'm not getting this.

Well there it is. Their big holiday game.

I wasnt a big fan of Hyrule Warriors, but I am a big fan of BOTW, so I will probably get this. Just cool to play the events that led up to BOTW.

I skipped the original Hyrule Warriors because it just seemed like cute Fan service with little soul, this however is how you do a spin off. Although maybe also caused some delays to BOTW2.. Either way it now clear its a fall 2021 title at earliest.

Looks like the complete crew is playable so:

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