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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity announced, taking place100 years before Breath of the Wild (releases November 20th, 2020)

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Baddman said:
I'm in I enjoyed hyrule warriors on wii u much more than I thought I would and this looks even better

Same for me, one more game for the wishlist...

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Wow this looks impressive, definitely wasn't expecting this!

Mixed feelings.

I really enjoyed Hyrule Warriors, but found FE Warriors to be a bit meh. This has the potential to be better than HW, especially if it has a more focused story as opposed to HW, where the story was just a flimsy excuse to get all of the Zelda characters in one game.

I was just hoping for something a bit better for their holiday title. Nothing wrong with a good Warriors game, but it just doesn't scream holiday title to me. Seems like a lot of stuff got pushed back, and this is probably filling the gap left by something bigger.

Also, this probably means no general direct for the rest of the year. But on the plus side, it shows that Nintendo can still manage to keep some surprises from being spoiled.

MasonADC said:
I always wished the memories in botw were playable, but I guess they kinda are now. I don’t know how to do spoiler tags but it’s going to be sad watching some of the scenes

You have to actually click reply, not use quick reply. Then, on the toolbar there will be an icon that's an eye with a line through it.

Mnementh said:
Supermario28 said:
Do anyone know how many copies of Hyrule Warriors were sold on Wii U and on Switch? Just to get an idea for this game.
It doesn't look like it could push HW sales during the holiday quarter IMO

VGC has the following sales figures:

HW WiiU: 1.26 million

HW 3DS: 0.49 million

HW Switch: 0.46 million

As VGC stopped tracking sales 2019, the Switch-sales may be a bit higher by now, how much is hard to guess. I don't know any shipment figures.

The WiiU version managed 1 million shipped.

The others there's no shipment nor any CESA data for them. That means they're definitely < 1 million.

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I guess this means Bravely Default 2 is December assuming it comes out this year at all.

So what does everyone expect the sales will be for this game? I wouldn't be surprised if it sold more than 5 million copies, BotW is a completely different animal than the rest of the Zelda franchise and more people will be looking at this for the back story that many wanted. Honestly, I wouldn't surprised if this hit 10 million...

Nintendo with the Switch:

It honestly triggers me quite a bit that if you took out the gameplay portions of the trailer, this wouldn't look that different from a cutscene perspective to the Switch Presentation trailer. Not because it's similar, but because it's shows the juxtaposition between the near-literal false-advertising that trailer (as good as it was) had, and the much more honest advertising of this game. All of this cool shit in the cutscenes, is actually stuff I can probably do in game. Whereas so much of the Switch Presentation trailer was just, "this is actually a flashback ... you just don't know it!" Yea, I know BOTW1 isn't a ridiculous action-game, but I expected at least some cool linear moments. Nope.

This looks very neat.

I really want this, even though I know how the story will end. -_-

This ... This is actually a better move than simply making another Hyrule Warriors with a flimsy yet fun story to.imclude the Champions we'll actually get a prequel out of the BoTW saga.
.A winning move in my book.

Honestly, I think this might become the best selling Warriors games of all.
Excited to play Revali YYYOOOOOO !!

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