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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity announced, taking place100 years before Breath of the Wild (releases November 20th, 2020)

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A new Hyrule Warriors, set during the events of the Great Calamity? Hell effing yes!

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I had no power for 8 hours and suddenly Switch has a holiday game?! Well sign me up as soon as it goes up on Amazon

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Interested in this mainly due to the story but I've never played this kind of game (no, I still haven't played the original HW :P), not sure if it's worth it the full price.

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This is a really smart thing to do before BOTW 2.

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I always wanted to give the original Hyrule Warriors a chance, but haven't gotten around to it yet.
I'm almost certainly getting this, but probably not this year since 3D Mario and Cyperpunk come first.

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Dont think this is Nintendos only game this holiday since this is done by a 3rd party developer with the help of Nintendo.

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Link_Nines.XBC said:

Interested in this mainly due to the story but I've never played this kind of game (no, I still haven't played the original HW :P), not sure if it's worth it the full price.

If there's one thing these Warriors games have, it's content up the wazoo.  The original HW was something you could play for many dozens of hours without touching the main story mode.  The question is whether you would want to keep playing for so long given the nature of the combat.

This looks really cool idea. as of right now I would love to buy this. But I think I will not buy it day one since I don't really trust the Warriors team to make a great Zelda story.


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I was just thinking some months ago about how cool it'd be a Hyrule Warrios sequel and here it is now, I loved the original back in the Wii U and I loved BOTW so this gonna be good.

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Metallox said:
Battling hordes of different enemies, something you don't do in Breath of the Wild, is a little absurd, I feel. There's a memory in BotW where it's shown that Link kicked ass of lots of enemies, and Zelda is healing him, so I guess it's not that out of place.

I don't feel like it is out of place at all, i actually feel like a prequel couldn't have been told properly without the musou or beat em all type of game. It is referred to as the "Calamity War" and Botw was post appocalyptic. Monster camps and remaining villages were placed a distance form each other cause everything else was destroyed. We just explore the remains of the world and the monsters that remain alive after the great battle.

As for people saying they won't play this because it's a musou, i do feel like this will be a lot different. Seems like it will be limited in the playable options and it will be story focused. They seem to really be willing to make this something special not just a random musou game or else the Zelda team wouldn't be working on it as well. But eh, maybe i'm wrong. We will def see gameplay in 2 weeks on the 26th so we don't have to wait very long actually.