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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct

Limited time offer? I get why they are doing this for the physical copies, but why on the digital platform? Honestly, this is kind off shitty towards anyone who is going to buy a switch after the time ends... you are literally buying a system with an inferior game collection than the ones who bought it before you.

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Bandorr said:
Unimpressed to say the least.
The Gaming watch, Kart, Shoes/Clothes etc all felt like cheap toys aimed at kids.
I enjoyed "all stars" because it collected the games into one. They are already all on the switch. So little gain there.

They didn't announce anything about 3d world other than "bowsers fury". What's changed? Oh and it's Feb of next year - at the earliest.

64 is a port. No galaxy 2. Odds are they are forcing Joycon use - oh and it's full price. Oh and incase people are thinking "I'll get it when it's cheap" they set a deadline of 6 months. They stop digital AND physical in march.

And is there something wrong with aiming for kids demographic? 

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Wman1996 said:
We're getting the first three 3D Mario games on Switch, and they're coming September 18th.
$60 for three ports of old games, that's very steep. I'll pay it, but complaining at the same time.
No Super Mario Galaxy 2. There's no reason not to include it. Heck, they could've released two separate packages if they're worried about price. 64 and Sunshine for $20-30 and the Galaxy duology for $40-$50
Limited release. I can kind of understand the physical release being limited. Switch carts are more expensive than discs. There's no excuse for the digital edition to be a limited time.
Why did they wait so long to confirm this release if it's out in a few weeks? We should've had this confirmed at E3.

There was no e3

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Signalstar said:
RolStoppable said:
That was an okay Direct.

I had expected that Super Mario 64 gets remade while Sunshine and Galaxy would only get remastered, but it's remasters across the board in the collection. Makes the absence of Galaxy 2 sting more. Not that I was particularly interested in such a collection to begin with.

The Mario Kart spinoff doesn't interest me personally. It doesn't look like it can live up to the quality of the main series.

The re-release of Super Mario 3D World comes with some new content, but that's not going to be enough to make me buy the game again.

The biggest letdown (but also totally expected) is that the 35th anniversary of SMB doesn't get celebrated with a new SMB game. Doubly disappointing because it has already been eight years since the last game.

3D Mario > 2D Mario.

You need to accept this if we are ever going to get over our bad blood.

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If I were a scalper, I'd have a big smile on my face right now after seeing the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection announcement.

Cerebralbore101 said:

Are you gonna update that once those two are also gone? :D

Also you are being mean to Twilight Princess HD :P

KLXVER said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

Shhhhh, don't tell them Nintendo is scamming us

People see the name Mario and just go crazy, let them be

How is it a scam? They are not forcing you to buy anything.

Imo it is a scam

They know the collection is not as worth as new AAA game, so they are putting a deadline to people rush their purchases so Nintendo will get enough money on their Q3/Q4/Q1, until they release proper AAA titles

Plus announcing SMAS 1 on Switch online as a new game is a scam too. Those games are already available on Online on their original version, there is no reason to announce it as a new thing when they are not 

Finale said:

Having the collection be available for a limited amount of time is the most disney thing nintendo has ever done. Its fucking pathetic. And i bet they wont even let you not use the joy cons on mario galaxy; which means there's the chance i wont even be able to play it, since nintendo doesnt know how to make proper controllers and the things drifts.

The Joy-Cons don't have an IR pointer, so their controls would be pretty bad for Galaxy. I doubt Nintendo would sabotage a 3D Mario game like that, so you can expect multiple control options.

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Wow. They didn't even remaster the games. Nintendo keeps disappointing me over and over this year.