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Forums - Movies & TV - Christopher Nolan's best film


I choose...

Dunkirk 3 3.53%
Inception 14 16.47%
Interstellar 22 25.88%
Memento 6 7.06%
Batman Begins 3 3.53%
The Dark Knight 29 34.12%
The Dark Knight Rises 0 0%
The Prestige 8 9.41%
Insomnia 0 0%
Following 0 0%

Next up; what do you think is his best movie to date, and what makes it worthy of that spot?

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The Dark Knight. Just the best comic book movie ever made imo.

I really like interstellar. Dark knight is really good too, but I think interstellar is his best.

I'm probably going to have to go with The Prestige. Such amazing characters, great (and traumatizing reveal), beautiful setting. I mean, this is like picking your favorite kid. I was going to do an honorable mention list but realized I was just listing every one of his films.

Inception. I wasn't sure if it was just a fad movie that caught us in theatres with it's unique special effects, but when I went back to watch the dvd a few times, I still love it.

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They are all done pretty well. Interstellar impressed me the most.

Memento is my personal favorite, but I'll acknowledge Dunkirk and Inception are easily his best films overall.

It's between The Dark Knight, and The Prestige.

Too many greats to pick one. My favorites would be Dark Knight, Memento, Prestige, Inception, and Dunkirk. Eager to see Tenet.

Have only seen the 3 Batman films and Interstellar. Voted for Interstellar.

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