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Forums - Movies & TV - Christopher Nolan's best film


I choose...

Dunkirk 3 3.53%
Inception 14 16.47%
Interstellar 22 25.88%
Memento 6 7.06%
Batman Begins 3 3.53%
The Dark Knight 29 34.12%
The Dark Knight Rises 0 0%
The Prestige 8 9.41%
Insomnia 0 0%
Following 0 0%

I've seen 4 of them I think. Inception was my favorite of the ones I saw.

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Interstellar for me with Memento being second. I loved the concept of Memento, and it was one of my favourite films of all time when it came out, but Interstellar was just so much more epic.
Dunkirk would come in third for me.

I wasn't impressed with Inception (it was Nightmare on Elmstreet without Fred Kruger) or The Prestige. I thought Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were quite good for super hero films. Aside from X-Men First Class, they're among the only superhero films I liked that aren't more adult aimed (Blade/Deadpool/Logan)

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I haven't seen Dunkirk out of those but doubt it's any better than Interstellar, which gets my vote. Partially influenced by the soundtrack and watching it in IMAX 70mm.

The Dark Knight follwed by Interstellar. Both movies were fap worthy and if they were to rerun Interstellar, I'd go back to the theatre to see it.


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I've seen most of these movies, and Interstellar was the movie I enjoyed the most, just a fun ride from start to finish. The Prestige is probably 2nd.

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It hasn't happened yet.

I love The Dark Knight and Inception. Great movies where every element (writing, acting, pace, effects, music) is done extremely well.

Interstellar impressed me the first time when I saw it at the cinema but after a rewatch when the hype died down I found out it's utter shit.

Dunkirk for me.
It's incredible use of sound, the interweaving narratives, and it's almost apocalyptic vision of wartime, it's just a mind-blowing piece of cinema.

The scenes where

the rescue vessels show up brought me to tears of joy, and the climax where the fighter without a running engine shoots down the German dive bomber and glides silently over the beach... amazing. 

Memento and Inception are runners up, also great films.

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The music of Interstellar is unparalleled. And Hanz does amazing music for a lot of Nolan films that is astounding, but Interstellar takes it to another level. I've never been so moved by a movie's score in my life.