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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Do you think Nintendo killed off the Wii too early


Was the Wii killed off too early?

Yes 41 53.95%
No, Nintendo needed to move on 35 46.05%

No but the WiiU should have been an mid-session upgrade Wii with HD support and digital output for 199$ in 2010.

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No. Sales were dropping significantly even as early as mid-2009. By Sept. 2009, the baseline had dropped to around 150k, when it was more than double that just the year before.

Once the 360 and PS3 dropped to more affordable price ranges and adapted motion controls with the Move and Kinect in 2010, the Wii lost its appeal very quickly as it had lost the two main things that made it stand out aside from Nintendo 1st party titles: Its unique motion control gimmick and its cheaper price tag. Unlike the Switch's hybrid nature that has legitimate staying power and appeal that has been near universally praised and embraced by all gamers, casual AND core alike, the Wii was a very polarizing system. There were those that thought motion controls were the next big thing and the next evolution in gaming. And there were those who thought it was just a gimmick that had its one niche audience and the clock would eventually strike midnight on its Cinderella story, which was ultimately what happened. Furthermore, unlike the Switch, with its hybrid factor, the Wii's motion gimmick was not something a lot of people were fond of because it was viewed as the trade off for Nintendo going for HD graphics along with the 360 and PS3. So by late 2010-early 2011, with everyone having motion controls, affordable price ranges, extensive game libraries, BUT the HD twins being exactly that - HD. All the Wii was at that point was severely dated in every way.

The writing was on the wall. The Wii achieved incredible levels and was a cultural phenomenon for its time. But once the fad ended, that was all she wrote. It ran its course and it was time to move on.

Honestly, the Wii's twilight years would've been so much better if we'd simply gotten proper global releases of Xenoblade in 2011 and The Last Story, Pandora's Tower and Fatal Frame 2 in 2012. That way it at least would've gone out on a semi-decent note.

Nintendo of America really screwed North American Wii owners.

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No, 2012 was the right time for a successor. Maybe even too late. Should they have supported Wii better in end life? Sure.

They didnt have the resources to prepare for their successor, launch the 3DS and give the Wii a great final 2 years. Give the Wii 3 more flagship titles across 2011/2012 and you have something on par 1st party wise with every other year the Wii had. This could have achieved if they planned around it.

What could of helped is if they tried cross platform development across Wii/3DS

So you could have added:
Kid Icarus, New Super Mario Bros 2, Nintendogs + Cats & Star Fox 64 to the Wii's end life.

In retrospect if would have been better if Nintendo never released the Wii U, and kept supporting the Wii until the Switch was ready.

Another option would have been to do the Wii HD, make games with high and low res options. Unfortunately, the Gamepad on the Wii U made that impossible.

But software support wasn't the only blunder Nintendo made with the end of the Wii, it was shutting down marketing, shutting down support for the channels, shutting down virtual console releases, and really just leaving the thing afloat. The Wii U was only doing better than the Wii, commercially, for about a year and a half. Ubisoft supported the Wii until just last year, Mario Kart Wii is still selling copies to this day.

I was one of the 400 people who actually got the Wii U, but it very quickly pissed me off, and 90% of what I used it for was to play Wii games and Virtual console (mostly Wii Virtual console), the other 10% was Xenoblade Chronicles X and Trine 2, and a few hours of some Mario games.

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They didn't drop Wii too early. In fact they should have held back Skyward Sword to release on Wii U at launch. That would have perhaps given the platform a better start out of the blocks.

Most of the audience had abandoned Wii by 2010 so no

Two mistakes:
1) Not including Wii Motion Plus capabilities since the start made them scarcely supported when they arrived later, this prevented the SW growth towards games with more precise and realistic motion control.
But while some existing users and many decs started wanting something more, the vast majority of users was fine, and Wii was still growing strong.
2) Ninty had survived brilliantly that mistake, but for some unknown reasons, it left in Ninty execs brains the pang of dissatisfaction, until they suddenly decided they really HAD to kill Wii. Iwata himself, after announcing Wii U, but too long before its launch, started mentioning Wii with wording that implicitly, but clearly enough branded it as at that time almost a relic from the past, while at the same time, despite strong 3rd party support, Ninty started pulling the plug on 1st party. Wii sales, still strong, suddenly plummeted, and what's worse, too long before Wii U launched. Wii U beared the Wii brand, but by its launch that brand was already unrecoverably tarnished. By Ninty itself.

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curl-6 said:
DonFerrari said:

PS2 for all its weakness could put 1080i on GT4.

GT4 isn't native 1080i, it's 632x448 upscaled to 1080i.

Cobretti2 said:
lack of motion controlled games killed it. Later years the game went to shit and went to more waggle mode. It is like developers decided to dump their code from older games for motion controls and mess it up with later ones lol

One of the best implemented from a third party was Godfather. Never understood why that didn't become the norm for sandbox style games. Even the early COD games, RE4 where fun. Huge disappointment when RE5 did not come with those control schemes. This is where a Wii HD version would have come in handy as Nintendo probably would have received the later COD games and RE5 etc.

The Wii did get the later COD games, they continued releasing for it every year until its replacement.

Sure it isn't, but it is just to say that weaker consoles than why could output to the TV resolutions over 480p.

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Contrary to popular belief; the audience did not drop the platform due to a lack of software and support, it was rather Nintendo who choked support once the sales started plummeting. The Wii had an unusually steep decline, especially for a market leader, ending it when they did was not a mistake, in my opinion.