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curl-6 said:
DonFerrari said:

PS2 for all its weakness could put 1080i on GT4.

GT4 isn't native 1080i, it's 632x448 upscaled to 1080i.

Cobretti2 said:
lack of motion controlled games killed it. Later years the game went to shit and went to more waggle mode. It is like developers decided to dump their code from older games for motion controls and mess it up with later ones lol

One of the best implemented from a third party was Godfather. Never understood why that didn't become the norm for sandbox style games. Even the early COD games, RE4 where fun. Huge disappointment when RE5 did not come with those control schemes. This is where a Wii HD version would have come in handy as Nintendo probably would have received the later COD games and RE5 etc.

The Wii did get the later COD games, they continued releasing for it every year until its replacement.

Sure it isn't, but it is just to say that weaker consoles than why could output to the TV resolutions over 480p.

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