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Forums - Sales Discussion - Famitsu Sales: Week 29, 2020 (Jul 13 - Jul 19)

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Incredible sales for Switch.
The lite is going down again, curious. Feels like people arent really attracted to the lite and some who had to buy one during pandemic might get an original one when it's in stock.

Can also show that a price cut on the og model will have a big effect since the lower price of the Lite doesnt seem to be a factor good enough to get it instead of the other one.

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Very happy to see such a big openning week for Ghost!

Paper Mario seems on the low end of what the series usually does (well apart from Color Splash) but still a decent opening week. Switch HW sales continue to impress. PS4 HW depressingly low despite a terrific opening for Ghost of Tsushima.

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Marth said:

Paper Mario comparison:

[N64] Paper Mario 118.322
[GCN] Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door 137.750
[WII] Super Paper Mario 156.055
[3DS] Paper Mario: Sticker Star 130.009
[WIU] Paper Mario Color Splash 28.436

So a bit low, but with digital it's pretty much on par with the other non-Color Splash Paper Mario titles. That's not too bad so far, let's see if it has any legs.

Crazy week all-around. 7 games over 20k is a rare sight.
GoT with a damn strong opening and Switch is just unstoppable when the stock is there.

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TruckOSaurus said:
Paper Mario seems on the low end of what the series usually does (well apart from Color Splash) but still a decent opening week. Switch HW sales continue to impress. PS4 HW depressingly low despite a terrific opening for Ghost of Tsushima.

It's like the hardware and new game for each console flipped.

Switch - low side new game but huge hardware.
PS4 - high side new game but minimal hardware.

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SpokenTruth said:
Great opening for Ghost of Tsushima but it had way less impact on hardware than predicted a few months ago.

Sony must have switched production lines over to the PS5 even sooner than I thought. They are pacing out their last distribution of stock week by week instead of dumping a ton at once for a big game. Does anybody know if the PS4 is currently sold out in Japan?

Sony apparently wants to have 10M consoles ready at launch, so they certainly had to switch production early on for them to reach that goal.

Additionally, I suppose they are shipping most consoles to the west, thus not leaving much for their home market.

Unexpectedly strong opening for Ghost of Tsushima, a western developed title to boot. Sony's 1st party titles aren't exactly big sellers in Japan as they are in the rest of the world. Hopefully GoT starts reversing the trend.

Stick a fork in Japanese PS4 sales, they are done. I don't think shortages are the reason. Sony would allocate shipments to where demand is strongest, if Sony thought their was an opportunity to fulfill unmet demand in Japan they would direct consoles their. I am not bullish on PS5 sales their either. Sony has to develop a new hardware strategy in Japan.

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Damn Ghost sold amazing!
Paper Mario sold decent but with digital sales it is probably on par with other games in the series, still less than I expected though given Switch's popularity and HW numbers - thought we'd see more like 200k opening week.

PS4 hardware sales are dead. Even if stock is low the fact that Sony didn't even bother shipping a few extra thousand systems for a big game shows they know PS4 hw is dead in Japan at this point.

Switch over 100k probably based purely on supplying extra stock as Paper Mario clearly wasn't that big of a release to drive sales. Top 5 Switch games sold 267k this week, that is some serious strength! AC got a big bump thanks to more systems available - it just does not want to go under 50k! RFA going strong as always! RFA's insane sales would be the software story of the year if it wasn't for AC clearly being the most insane selling video game in Japanese history. Seems like Nintendo has RFA stock under control now, even if it isn't quite meeting demand, as I don't remember seeing a low week in quite a while. RFA could get real close to 2 million by the end of this year, 3 million lifetime seems extremely likely, could 4 million even be possible?? Imagine if Switch's eventual Japan 4+ million sellers are AC, Smash, MK, Pokemon, Splatoon, maybe a second Pokemon, and Ring Fit Adventure out of nowhere!

Paper Mario might hold if people who bought it like it. Word of mouth works and i know some people were on a wait and see mode