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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Why Trials of Mana Remake didnt make any noise, unlike FF7 Remake.

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I played the demo, but it was just not that good. And I'm a total sucker for old school JRPGs. I might have actually bought it if it had turn based combat.

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It's like if someone remade The Last Starfighter vs Star Wars.

I prefer The Last Starfighter but I'm in the minority by a longshot.

I played ToM remake and I loved it. One of the best remakes I ever played of an RPG. Great game. Sadly tho the game does not open up until you get your first class.

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It's a AA remake for one, FF7 Remake is a AAA remake. Also, the original FF7 was quite alot more popular than the original Mana games were. Mana sold 2m copies at most I think, with Secret of Mana. Original FF7 sold about 5x that many copies. Also the original Trials of Mana never released in the west, so it doesn't have much of a western fanbase.

Hopefully Trials of Mana remake sells well enough to get us a Chrono Trigger remake on the Dragon Quest 11 engine. That I would love to see. 

Ok. First, 74-76 Metacritic isn't anything near to mediocrity. Second, as advertise ToM was simply going to be a more budget sensitive project than FFVII Alternative, yet after my playthrough it easily achieved the barem of what it tried to achieved in comparison to it's original release.

Anywoo, it's sold numbers from PC + Japan = more than 400K-500K copies sold. With the West, it's probably around 700K-800K right now.
If it reaches a million, I'll consider this a success for SE.

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Final Fantasy VII is literally the biggest, most popular JRPG of all time and one of the most iconic and influential videogames there's ever been. You can't expect it to stand toe to toe with Final Fantasy VII. Releasing it only 2 weeks after VIIR was also a gigantic mistake.


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Does OP know how popular the original FF7 was? And the fact hardly anybody had heard of Trials of mana? FF7 original is one of the most well known games in gaming history. I'm sure trials is a good game, I'm interested it in myself, but it was never ever going to get the hype of FF7 remake

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Because one is FFVII and the other is something most people have never heard of

Everyone else already answered the question, so I'll say something else.

Trials of Mana I think also scratches a different itch. In spite of it being remade, it's still very old in some ways.
In Angela's story for example, she finds herself passed out in the snow early on in the game, and wakes up in a warm bed because someone passing by happened to find her, and brought her home. Saved her life.

Happen to be a mother and her little daughter who saved her. Angela however did not thank either one of them for saving her life.
And when I left the house I thought "surely there will be a cutscene when I return, where Angela will thank them for saving her or befriend them", but no. Seems Angela doesn't care that they saved her, and she never (I think) returns to their home again.

That kind of writing felt more natural back in the SNES days. But if that same scene had happened in the FF7 Remake you mentioned, the character would either thank them, or if they have a reason not to, the game would emphasize this clearly.

So that was something that went through my mind when I played it.
But that said, I don't hate the more simple and charming world in Trials of Mana. I felt like I'd want to play through the rest of the game when I'm in the mood for a game like that.

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