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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo quarterly results May 7th 2020 - Switch: 55.77m, (21m for the FY) Animal Crossing: 11.77m

I am mostly surprised by Mario Kart's numbers. 24 million in 3 years is an incredible number, it can definitly beat Mario Kart Wii by the end of the console's life

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Insane sales! If this keeps up switch could become the best selling console of all time!


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It seems likely that Animal Crossing had the biggest launch ever for a Nintendo game. In JP/US/EUR, Animal Crossing had sell-through of 13.41 million in its first six weeks, while Pokemon Sword/Shield had sell-through of 12.28 million in its first nine weeks.

So, 3 more 10M sellers on the Switch now with AC:NH, Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Party, with five of them being above 17M and a tight race for the third spot is on right now.

xMetroid said:
BOTW surpassed Odyssey, Pokemon SS sold only 1 million since January
Animal crossing almost 12 millions in under 2 weeks !!

Switch might be underestimated since it was out of stock everywhere, don't think there was 2 millions on shelves.

I think so too. Though the stock problems only really started at that point, so I only expect still some shipments being on the way from before the lockdowns, and thus only a difference of about 500k-700k.

Ultrashroomz said:
Animal Crossing will sell less than Pokemon, they said...

It did - for now!

Next quarter it will overtake both PLG and SwoSh soon afterwards.

Great to see Zelda do so incredibly well. Also great to see 3D mario shitting on 2D Mario.

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OP updated with more million sellers including Luigi's Mansion 3 and Ring Fit Adventure.

Nuvendil said:
And with that, it has happened. A 3D Zelda has surpassed a contemporaneous 3D Mario. And not just any 3D Mario but by far the most successful in history. Insane. And Animal Crossing is looking like it's going to join many of Nintendo's franchise entries on Switch in shattering franchise records.

Zelda has always been considered part of Nintendo's big 3 alongside Mario and Pokémon. Moreso for legacy reasons rather than actual success reasons as it was never even in the same stratosphere as Mario and Pokémon before this. Now not only is it going toe to toe with the most recent mainline games from both franchises but it will also beat both of them. Zelda has finally merited its place in the big 3, ironically around the same time that Animal Crossing is giving all three of these historical franchises a run for their money.

Pokemon MD did pretty well, 1.3 millions in 3 weeks.
MM2 should have big legs this next Quarter too.
RFA's demand is so high, i can see it surpass 5-6 millions this year easily. Haven't seen it in stock for months.

Really surprised Ultimate Alliance 3 sold a million.

I was at Nintendo NY for their E3 thing where they were doing demos. They had Link's Awakening, Luigi's Mansion, and UA3. They had to basically beg people to play UA3 XD. Glad it wound up being successful. Solid game.

21m Switches? Not bad, not bad at all.

Breath of the Wild continues its march towards 20m, and Animal Crossing is just being Animal Crossing.