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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Name ONE unannounced game that would make you instantly preorder a next gen console

Ka-pi96 said:
I honestly can't.

Literally every single franchise that I once considered "must buy" has lost that status in the last generation (or 2). Even the ones that I'd be most excited about now are still a "wait and see" at best.

 I never thought about that. From where im sitting here I can look directly to my game collection. I started to look into my ps2, ps3 and ps4 games and man... I guess you are right. There are a few exceptions though. But most of the franchises got worse.

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CuCabeludo said:
Either Metal Gear (the original 1987 game) our Silent Hill reboot.

Konami should release a megal gear origins, mergung the first and 2nd game into one. Even without kojima. The plot and characters are there, locations, everything. Use MGS5 engine and vo for it. Easy money.

Multiplat: Dino Crisis remake
Exclusive (PS5): SOCOM 5 that goes back to its roots. SOCOM 2 is the most fun I've had playing any online shooter/multiplayer game and it can't be played, online, anymore.

A new Fallout from Black Isle Studios

So yeah, not gonna happen.

I usually buy all new Nintendo consoles around launch and all Playstation consoles at the end of there lifetime.
This time around however, I never bought a PS4, so I will get the PS5 around launch an probably mostly play all good adventure games I missed this generation.

I do not think any one game will ever make me buy an Xbox. The only game on the system that I was really interested in was Conker live and reloaded.

For me to buy a new playstation (in the normal occasion of me already having the previous console) I'd need a new IP action/horror-adventure game from Naughty dog or whatever studio most of there talents left for.

I think the PS5 will be my last console, my backlog of games on the Switch is so large that I probably can play till my grave. I do not think there are any one game that will make me change my mind and buy a new Nintendo console. But if the announce a new Advance Wars and the console is a handheld or hybrid I will be interested at least.
If it comes with a better and bigger Pokemon Snap, a refined and modern Eternal Darkness sequel and a Zelda 3 randomizer-like game I will open my wallet.

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Nothing would make me preorder a console. I will get the next playstation as I have always done, but I always give it some time. I'll wait for the new system to work the initial kinks out. Get a few firmware updates and price drop or special offer. I take the time to finish off the last few games I like on the previous PS before moving on. Although this time there's BC with most games, so I could maybe make the transition right away. We'll see, but still not preordering, just buying normally.

Bloodborne 2

Conker’s Bad Fur Day 2.
Banjo Kazooie 3 (nuts and bolts doesn’t count).
Eternal Darkness remake or sequel.


I can't wait to see how Rockstar utilizes that SSD!

A next-gen Zelda would definitely do it, but I always end up getting Nintendo hardware anyway.