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I usually buy all new Nintendo consoles around launch and all Playstation consoles at the end of there lifetime.
This time around however, I never bought a PS4, so I will get the PS5 around launch an probably mostly play all good adventure games I missed this generation.

I do not think any one game will ever make me buy an Xbox. The only game on the system that I was really interested in was Conker live and reloaded.

For me to buy a new playstation (in the normal occasion of me already having the previous console) I'd need a new IP action/horror-adventure game from Naughty dog or whatever studio most of there talents left for.

I think the PS5 will be my last console, my backlog of games on the Switch is so large that I probably can play till my grave. I do not think there are any one game that will make me change my mind and buy a new Nintendo console. But if the announce a new Advance Wars and the console is a handheld or hybrid I will be interested at least.
If it comes with a better and bigger Pokemon Snap, a refined and modern Eternal Darkness sequel and a Zelda 3 randomizer-like game I will open my wallet.