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Forums - Politics Discussion - Are you OK with games becoming more Politically Correct?

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Is PC ruining gaming?

Yes 19 31.67%
No, you're just being silly! Ah 41 68.33%

Edit: I'll give a couple of examples so people will get my point.

Mortal Kombat - Out of all the game franchises I would never ever expect to hear anything about racism or race related in MK, a game about fantasy martial arts with ridiculous bloody gore content, wants us to care about Jax going back in time from stopping the trans atlantic slave trade from happening which is good and all but what does this has to do with MK as in the fighting tournament? Is that really the first thing Jax, one of the few Black guys and oldest and most iconic MK characters could come up with? Just cause he's Black? Nobody questioned his racial background before so why the focus on his race now after what, almost 30 years of MK's existence?

Resident Evil 5 - Perhaps the earliest modern controversies surrounding modern PC culture accusing mainstream games of racism. I remember the early trailers would have Chris going solo through Africa shooting Black zombies, which is a series first both in Africa and with hordes of zombies of people of color. I am of mixed heritage myself and I thought it was pretty cool, but after some backlash for some reason Capcom decided to add more white, or middle eastern looking zombies to the game and also made the game multiplayer/coop with another Black character called Sheva which still turned out to be a fun game but it's not the RE game we were hoping for after RE4.

Battlefield 5 - Changing history, because games about military war need more diversity.

Japanese games with echi/hentai games getting censored by Sony and Nintendo - Fire Emblem, Senran Kagura, some more obscure japanese games... Just why? You never get to see actual intercourse and it's clearly rated for a certain audience. Games are not just for kids anymore and the double standard over here in the west is incredible, hyper violence and murder is OK but showing a nipple is not? Some people seriously need to get their assess checked.

OP: It's no longer a secret that PC culture has influenced the entertainment industry. Not just terrible movies like the new Star Wars trilogy nor Marvel comics but videogames as well, especially the western gaming industry, and i think that this is awful.

Videogames are meant to be fun and full of creativity NOT political based on current day social politics. But nowadays we just can't have fun anymore unless it pleases American social politics or else you and your games are sexist, anti-semetic, racist, homophobes, flat earth believers and some reviewers might give games bad scores if it goes against their political biases, like what happened with GTA V, and even Japanese games getting censored by Sony.

it's stupid! I don't need games like Mortal Kombat 11 to tell me that Donald Trump is evil, that scantally dressed women is sexist or that racism is bad = white people are bad, Jax goes back in time to stop slavery from happening. I don't need Sony or Nintendo to censor Japanese games just because Western politics can't handle semi nude FICTIONAL women that are really just pixels, or that Doom spokesperson constantly referencing real live politics in Doom Eternal it's cringeworthy and stupid.

Some will say, "mehh it's just a funny reference to real life events and you're just overreacting LOL! get of of your mancave ya baby!" But really, this is just how it starts. The funny thing is, if you're a public figure and openly criticise any of this, you'll get harrassed online or called a racist and be shut down for having an opinion. If you'd ask me, things are only going to get worse for videogames and the entertainment industry as a whole. The next thing is you'll be put in jail for having an opinion on a videogame! Welcome to the 1st world!

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If an artist has a story they wish to tell me and it gets censored or changed just to appease poeple that more likely won't buy the product anyway... Just no.

I remember the outrage before Joker released.... It ended up being a superb film that was critically acclaimed and made serious bank, over a billion if I remember correctly.

All that outrage by a loud minority was for nothing.

Or you could just stay clear of things you don't enjoy.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

Changing something for a minority of snowflake narcissists who think they are oppressed is fucking stupid

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Well, you can always do things the good or the bad way. I have no problem with movies, games, books, ... that are PC or take a woke standpoint. As long as they are good!

And this is the point here. Sometimes a decision is made to shoehorn in a political message, and most often this turns out bad. But often the artist simply considers a message as valuable and puts them at the base of the artistic work in the first place. And this can end up quite well.

Just as an example: many of Studio Ghibli films have one or more of the following: strong female protagonists, a message about establishing harmony between nature and mankind and/or a message about the terrors of war. These all are woke political messages. But most of Studio Ghibli movies are also great. Because these messages weren't an afterthought put in to signal how modern and woke the Studio is. No, these messages are part of the movies, because the artists believe in them and made them a core of their work. And that results in excellent movies even decades back, not only since it became modern.

So yes, I can totally accept games and movies incorporate woke or PC messages, if it is done like Studio Ghibli did it.

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Im ok with it as long as it is what the developer truly wants to make. Not if they are forced to change anything by the PC mob.

Basically, no.

The only thing that matters is the quality of the game. Is the gameplay loop fun, and engaging? Is it paced well? Is the story interesting, or at the very least, a serviceable vehicle to keep the player moving forward? Are the characters compelling in some way? Is the dialog, well written? How are the production values? If it's a MP game, is it well balanced? Is there a good variety of game modes? Is the net-code stable? Does it strike the right balance between challenging, and fun/rewarding?

These are the types of question that I need answered of my games, and the kind of questions that the devs need to be asking themselves during the development process. When you start straying from these, and venturing into the realm of worrying about representing X amount of whatever race/sexuality/gender, pushing whatever hot button political issue is on your mind, agonizing over how much or how little clothing everyone can wear without turning anyone away, etc.....well, chances are you're not making a very good game.

While there will always be developers that will lift the middle finger to society and make the games they want, anyone saying that it dosen't impact the games, even in a small way, are lying to themselves.The most recent example is Persona 5 royal, in which Atlus seemingly(haven't played the Royal version, so can't vouch for it) censored a scene which a minority deemed as "racist" or "in bad taste".

A game that I felt that was made much worse because of that was Timespinner.The game has other serious issues and all, and the criticism I'm about to point out is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of it's problems, but the ammount of SJW bullshit that the developer crammed into it was staggering.That in itself wasn't all that bad, but what gets in my nerves is the constant "reminder" by the charachters that a person should be acepted as that, otherwise you are shit, and the constant nagging you about moral values that the game forces you to accept, otherwise you are shit.It's just artificially put there - It feels out of place for what the game is trying to achieve, and thus it not only lessens the experience, but outright ticked me off.I hate when the developers are more interested in trying to push an agenda, than actually making a good game.

Ok, I ended up venting more rather than discussing the topic at hand, but yeah it does affect it and it's annoying.But reality will always influence the art.The best we can all do, always, is just vote with our wallet.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

I feel like you can't simultaneously ask for games to be free to be creative AND ask that they not be creative in a specific way that you don't like...

I don't see any differences with how it was 20 years ago. Certainly some things have shifted, and the games have shifted along with them. There is just more 'outrage' nowadays because of the internet. Censorship was no different, actually since the rise of indie games, games have been getting away with a lot more stuff than 20 years ago.

What is more annoying is when games rewrite history while suggesting they're a realistic portrayal of events. Feel free to make up your own history but then don't mix it with reality in such a way to suggest that's how things happened.