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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Game of the decade: The 1990s

Personal favorite: toss-up between Planescape: Torment ("What can change the nature of a man?" is to this day pretty hard to beat as a main theme; great writng and characters, all rounded up by AD&D 2e) and Fallout 2 (probably closest, though still light years away, that video game RPGs got to pen&paper RPGs; good story, memorable characters, fantastic setting and great GURPS-ish alike RPG system).

Most influential: most likely Doom

Most ambitious: probably Ultima Online or TES: Daggerfall

EDIT: The "why" part added

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Chrono Trigger followed closely by Chrono Cross.

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BraLoD said:
The Legend of Dragoon.

Any other pick is cientifically proven to be wrong.

Your pick is scientifically proven wrong tho...😜

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Leynos said:
Radek said:
Metal Gear Solid 1

It's not even the best Kojima game of it's decade. Policenauts is and I'm not saying it is game of the decade.

mgs1 is better by far. And easily top 5 of the game of generation, probably top 5 in history. My pick is resident evil 1.

Super Mario 64: heralded the arrival of 3d gaming and brought the thumbstick back to controllers.

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Final Fantasy VII. Great epic of the late 90s.

That's hard for me to choose. There are a lot of games from the 90s that I love. Donkey Kong C3, Yoshi's Island, Chrono Trigger, Breath of Fire 2...

But... If we are talking about the most important one, I would probably say Super Mario 64.

I have a Youtube channel... A Twitter, and... Yeah.

Final Fantasy 8. FF7 was more influential, but this isn't "most influential game of the decade" it's "best game of the decade" so FF8 easily comes out on top!

It was just a fantastically fun game with memorable characters. The opening theme music still gets me, as does the Dollet landing cutscene, I just love that bit.

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Super Mario RPG. It was my first RPG. It kept my attention and I still laugh when I go back and replay it. It looked great for it's time. The music also gets caught in my head all of the time.

the 90's produced the best game ever made: Ocarina of Time