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Forums - Sony Discussion - When are you buying the PS5?


When are you picking it up?

Pre-ordering ASAP. 39 23.78%
Launch day, launch week or so. 29 17.68%
Nah, first 12 months or so 19 11.59%
I need to see that sequel... 12 7.32%
Eventualy after some deal 27 16.46%
No clue 38 23.17%
DonFerrari said:
Because of price in country I probably will buy around April 2021 when in USA.

Not getting the day one LoD Remake bundle?

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alabtrosMyster said:
I'm already camping in front of the BestBuy near my place!

You'll become famous in the internet.

A couple months before its released.

After the thing is like $350 and its games library has a decent enough quantity of quality games that appeal to my preferences.

as soon as i can.

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Most likely never until they take back a certain decision.

Depends how they approach the release of games; backwards compatibility aside, the PS5 needs meaningful exclusive games to make me dive in. I had to wait almost three years to decide to get the PS4, which had a very unimpressive launch line-up of exclusives (Killzone and Knack I did play on a friend's console and they were very average) as well as frequent droughts and remakes and remasters for the first year, the latter of which the PS5 CANNOT get away with this time due to having backwards compatibility. And who knows how much these new games are gonna cost on top of the console itself.


It is after all your favorite SoulsbornekiroRing! In a fit of minimalism, I threw away my rusty dusty PS3 so playing the original game is no longer an option. Hopefully it is indeed being remade for PS5 in glorious SotC style :)

I'll buy either the PS5 or XB Scarlett near launch. The other one I'll pick up a couple years later. Which one I buy first depends on their prices, their games, and any other interesting factors about the systems that may come to light before launch. I'll note that XB has an advantage in my case in that I have 3 years of Gamepass ahead of me. On the other hand, since Halo is confirmed to be cross-gen, that takes a big motivator for me to by XB off the table.

Thinking about it now, it very well may come down to how much better Halo is on Scarlett vs. XBone.

alabtrosMyster said:
I'm already camping in front of the BestBuy near my place!

If you camp at Best Buy for the next year, I'll buy your PS5 for you.  I'll fly out to wherever you are and present it to you personally.