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Forums - Sony Discussion - When are you buying the PS5?


When are you picking it up?

Pre-ordering ASAP. 39 23.78%
Launch day, launch week or so. 29 17.68%
Nah, first 12 months or so 19 11.59%
I need to see that sequel... 12 7.32%
Eventualy after some deal 27 16.46%
No clue 38 23.17%

I'll buy either the PS5 or XB Scarlett near launch. The other one I'll pick up a couple years later. Which one I buy first depends on their prices, their games, and any other interesting factors about the systems that may come to light before launch. I'll note that XB has an advantage in my case in that I have 3 years of Gamepass ahead of me. On the other hand, since Halo is confirmed to be cross-gen, that takes a big motivator for me to by XB off the table.

Thinking about it now, it very well may come down to how much better Halo is on Scarlett vs. XBone.

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alabtrosMyster said:
I'm already camping in front of the BestBuy near my place!

If you camp at Best Buy for the next year, I'll buy your PS5 for you.  I'll fly out to wherever you are and present it to you personally.  

Not entirely sure. I know I'll be getting the Xbox Scarlett and Switch Pro before the PS5 though.

I could easily buy it day 1, but I have a large enough backlog to last me 2 years. So unless I see something mind blowing like FFXVI or some other, I can wait.

tbh I've gotten every playstation and ps handheld to date so... don't see why I wouldn't.

I just mean, at this stage they would need to lose me as a customer rather than win me over, so we'll see what they do on the way towards launch to lose me.

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Depends on how the BC works. There are still items to go through on my PS4 playlist, but if I can carry them over to the PS5, then there's no reason not to upgrade as soon as possible.

At launch i need new hardware




With those specs that cost should be high, I'll wait, if streaming becomes a major thing through next gen then I may not need one

twintail said:
KBG29 said:
Pre-Ordering ASAP

Will likely pick up 6 units Day 1 if possible.

Mom & Dad

We've been a PlayStation Family since PS2, everyone has used PlayStation as their Main Computing Hub. As the hardcore electronics geek of the family, I always supply them with the latest tech. Makes gift giving easy.

This year will be Switch Lite's for those interested, or $200 in Cash/Gift Cards. Next year will be a bit more expensive, but I have been saving.

Is it possible to buy me one too?

It wouldn't be unheard of, although I have been bit by buying consoles for extended family and friends in the past.

On two seperate occasions I have bought a console for someone, just for them to turn around and sell it, or give it to someone else. 

Worst was one of my consins. I went over for a family event, and her parents were like everyone should check out her room, she re-painted it, and decorated it herself. She was around 15 at the time. Not only had I bought her a PS3, but I also gave her my SXRD when I bought my 1st 3D TV. I go in the room and there is a Vizio LCD and a Comcast Box, and nothing else. I was like "oh, you got a new TV". She is like, yeah, I sold the PS3 and TV, that is how I was able to make over my room".

The other time I bought a PS4 for a friend at work, because they wanted to play MLB The Show. They ended up Switching Jobs within the company, and a few weeks later they stopped being on PSN. After a few more weeks, I ran into them as they came back to the site I work at to get some certifications. I was like, "hey, I never see you on PSN anymore". The dude comes back, with, "Yeah, I gave the PS4 to my Girl". 

I'm not against buying stuff for people, even people I don't know, but I am more cautious now than I was when I was younger. If it is within my means though, I love helping people out, and giving more people the oppertuinty to game.

A $500 console is a pretty tall order for someone I only know from a profile on a gaming site. Right now, I would have to say it is unlikley.

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Kevyn B Grams


Depends on a couple of factors.

1 - Has a generation defining killer app game at launch.
2 - Price.
3 - Defects and whatnot.

And yeah, if the Xbox Scarlett has all three right, might go with that first.