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Forums - Sony Discussion - When are you buying the PS5?


When are you picking it up?

Pre-ordering ASAP. 39 23.78%
Launch day, launch week or so. 29 17.68%
Nah, first 12 months or so 19 11.59%
I need to see that sequel... 12 7.32%
Eventualy after some deal 27 16.46%
No clue 38 23.17%
Dulfite said:

Wait seriously? You can play PS4 with Xbox 360 controller? Or GameCube? Or Switch Pro?

That would be a game changer for me if true.

Company named Brook makes some adapters to use 360/XBO controllers on PS4 but they're quite expensive, £30-£40. link

There are also many officially licensed controllers:

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Depends on (a) release games and (b) the backward compatability.

If (a) comes with the new Dragon Age (although worry about that as rumours are it's another online, microtransaction filled, second job game like Anthem) or a title I'm really want then I'll buy it from the off.
If (b) it means all the games I own/don't own on PS4 will be part of my library so I won't need to worry as much about game library when I have PS4 games to fall back on but this comes with idea that it needs to be affordable.

I expect to buy it 6 month to a year after really.

Hmm, pie.

Probably before they remove backwards compatibility, like they did with PS3 :P

day 1

Dulfite said:
Random_Matt said:

It is not the controller son, it is Sony hate. You can buy so many controllers these days and adaptors where you can use other platform controllers.

Wait seriously? You can play PS4 with Xbox 360 controller? Or GameCube? Or Switch Pro?

That would be a game changer for me if true.

There are several out there, one was called CronusMAX Plus.

There are others.

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KBG29 said:
Pre-Ordering ASAP

Will likely pick up 6 units Day 1 if possible.

Mom & Dad

We've been a PlayStation Family since PS2, everyone has used PlayStation as their Main Computing Hub. As the hardcore electronics geek of the family, I always supply them with the latest tech. Makes gift giving easy.

This year will be Switch Lite's for those interested, or $200 in Cash/Gift Cards. Next year will be a bit more expensive, but I have been saving.

You're a very nice fella.

Dulfite said:
I guess this is a poll for just Sony fans on the site, rather than to get polling data on the whole site, because you didn't include a "not going to buy it" option. I supposed the bottom one is the closest thing.

There have been a number of factors, over the years, for why I have never bought Playstation hardware. But there is one reason, above any, of why I refuse to buy their devices. I cannot stand their controllers. They feel awkward in my hands. And they aren't the only console maker that creates uncomfortable controllers, I hated the N64 controller with a passion and now, in retrospect, I cannot stand Wiimotes either. I also hated the original xbox controller, and I'm not terribly fond of the Joycons (though the portability factor outweighs my dislike, and when it's docked I play on the pro controller which is great). But with Sony, they consistently make controllers I hate, whereas other companies are hit and miss. I hated the PS1-PS4 controllers and I'm fairly certain the PS5 will be similar to their past, which is great for people that like it but I just can't get over my hatred of how awkward it feels in my hand. But who knows, maybe they will update it enough to get me liking it.

I wasn't going to mention it, but yes, I was expecting only Sony fans to reply here. I'm quite shocked to see people posting "never had ps and never will".

Perhaps I should have made it clear or made the title something like: when are you upgrading?.

But I'm ok with how the thread ended up now.

God bless You.

My Total Sales prediction for PS4 by the end of 2021: 110m+

When PS4 will hit 100m consoles sold: Before Christmas 2019

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Because of price in country I probably will buy around April 2021 when in USA.

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Azzanation: "PS5 wouldn't sold out at launch without scalpers."

Maybe I'll wait for the PS5 Pro. More realistically, I'll wait until there's a game I really really want that's exclusive to the PS5.

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Probably I'll preorder one as soon as possible regardless of the games.
If I don't want it at launch, I can still cancel the preorder or sell it with a slight profit.

Worked for me, when the PS4 launched and most of the games I wanted were delayed:

In November 2013 I got the preordered PS4 for €399 and sold it through for €565 (minus €51 eBay and shipping costs).
In February 2014 my preordered Killzone-PS4-bundle arrived for €504 (including KZ: Shadowfall, a second DualShock4 and the PS-camera) and sold that extra stuff for a total of €145 (minus €12 eBay and shipping costs); of course I played through the game first.

Normally I would have canceled the preorder of the first PS4, but that would also have canceled my preorder of DriveClub for €20.

So eventually I got my PS4 in February 2014 for €256 and DriveClub at its release for €20:
399 + 504 + 51 + 12 - 565 - 145 = 256

Gunna preorder and stand in line