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Forums - General Discussion - Anybody trying to lose weight ? heres my story. of 6 days 7lbs lost

Eat normally, do more phys. Dont starve ones self off vital nutrients, just put your self into a calorie defecincy state. The weight will come off gradually whilst keeping muscle ( if you eat a healthy amount of protein and myabe BCAA's)

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I've been the same weight for like 15 years now. Like, exactly the same. Not somewhere around something, no, exactly. And then when I do something that makes me lose some weight, like my long and plentiful walks, I regain weight until that same point again in no-time. It's a good thing though, my BMI is basically perfect.

But sorry I don't mean to brag.

I hope your diet works out, I wish you good luck. All the advice I could give is just to eat natural; pretty much everything that comes in a wrapping or container has been processed. Which you can eat, but mix it up with enough fresh stuff. You need meat, but you don't need meat every day. Cook in olive oil. Use tomatoes, red and yellow food is usually bad, unless it's red because of the tomatoes. Water is best, tea is good too as that is just warm water with plant extracts. Juice is mixed, good on one hand (fresh juice anyway) because of all the minerals and vitamins, but bad on the other because of the naturally occurring sugars in fruit. Lastly do normal exercise. No need to go to a gym or do anything extreme, but just take a walk or a bike to things close by you'd usually use a car for. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

I now weigh 187lbs I decided to eat an orange as my celebration

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Hate to be that guy with the opposite problem.

But I am down 35 lbs/13 kg since March. I really don't want to lose more weight, but it seems that I can't find the time of day to eat enough food to gain weight. With how much exercise I get naturally, I have to eat like a 3,000 to 4,000 calorie diet in order to not lose weight.

I eat about 800 calories for lunch, and 1600 calories for dinner, and maybe a 400g snack. After dinner I am dead tired so I can't eat anymore. After all that I still lose weight.

I weigh 80kgs (176lbs), I was 73kgs (160lbs) 8 months ago. I don't think i need to lose weight though, I'm pretty well built and go gym every 2nd day, play Rugby and eat well. I think most the weight i put on was from muscle tbh.

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I used to be 14kg (30 pounds) overweight back in 2012-2014, but I managed to shed that over about 6 months and now I've been in my optimal weight range for five years.

The biggest things that helped me were cutting back on sugar, and replacing snacks between meals with tea/coffee. 

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You guys are doing this weight loss thing all wrong when in reality it's very simple. The most efficient way to lose weight can be summed up in 1 sentence.

You eat the food, you lose the weight.

I’ve tried stuff like you described many times. Always lots of results at first and then nothing. I did lose about 70 pounds this summer, but I did so with portion control and exercise. I was at 266 back in May and now I’m down to 194.

gergroy said:
I’ve tried stuff like you described many times. Always lots of results at first and then nothing. I did lose about 70 pounds this summer, but I did so with portion control and exercise. I was at 266 back in May and now I’m down to 194.

Damn now it's time to get the ladies!  If I go under 200 lbs I look like a crackhead.  215 to 220 is my optimal weight for my body type.

All I had to do was to completely eliminate sweets, crisps and fizzy drinks from my diet. I lost 10 kg in first 3 months, but I noticed that I was loosing less and less each month. So, to sustain weight loss, I've started to cycle to work (unless the weather's crap) and jog 3 times a week (5km per session). In total no more than 4 hours per week of extra physical activity. One year later and I'm healthy 75 kg (from almost 100), with BMI score of 24 (previously 32) and it's going to stay that way. This isn't a diet, it's a lifestyle change. I still have occasional cheat day, mostly during a night out or when I go the cinema, but no often than twice per month. And honestly, this isn't as hard as I thought. The hardest part was to commit and move my lazy ass. Once you do your first step, it's getting easier with each day, especially when you see results.
ps. and don't even bother with quick fix diets or anything super drastic. In a long term this stuff never works. Trust me, I tried. What's worse, because how drastic those method are, they leave bad taste in your month and discourage you from any future commitments. .