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I'm not really overweight, but I am trying to lose excess weight and get into shape. What I'm doing is quite different than what most of you are doing.

What I do is I'm eating more times a day with smaller meals, limiting the types of calories I take in. Carbs are okay, but I focus more on protein as I am also going to the gym and protein is an important part of exercise. I use an app that tracks calories, and I weigh up most of my food (or check volume) before I eat it, and I log it.

I also eat before and after a workout and make sure I limit sugar intake. Most of my sugar comes from whole fruit. I have a baseline of how many calories my body burns daily and I aim for more calories burned than consumed.

I've noticed that someone in here said they're changing by eating fewer times a day or not at all, and I'll just let you know that doing that is likely holding you back on losing weight as your body goes into something called "starvation mode" to fight back the reduced caloric intake since it doesn't know when the next source of energy is coming.