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Forums - General Discussion - Anybody trying to lose weight ? heres my story. of 6 days 7lbs lost

I finished 2018 going to 2019 weighing 194lbs since then i gained weight 196lbs and havent dropped weight since then so i paid a 4.5 out of 5 star nutricianist 95 dollars to help me lose weight she said to make the protein powder weight loss fat burner 1/2 cup 2 flax meal spoons coconut milk unsweetentend 1/2 cup regular water 1/2 cup 10 almonds one full cup of frozen berries all on machine thingy that makes smoothies btw all food must be bought at farmers market or sprouts food or any healthy food place well drink my smoothie every morning

probably find this on amazon?

then eat a chicken wrap/ or  any fish wrap, or california roll or a salad every lunch also fat free ranch is loaded with sugar fat its lie fat free everything fat except this light italian

in lunch time you can drink lemon coconut water or 100 percent coconut water c20 versions are the ones i drink there 2 dollars each a can better than coconut water that cost 1 dollar 

and at dinner eat this 

with this

I now weigh 189lbs

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I am in business of losing some weight.. 10kg or so would do me good. I am not in a rush however since, doing something like this would probably not help me in the long run since I am looking for something sustainable and I dont find the quick loss to be sustainable in the end. Over the past 2 weeks I've stopped eating my crack (candy) and eating more vegetarian and fish dishes. Lost 2kg in doing so. Hoping to have lost these 10kg by Christmas.

But each person works differently so I wont say this is not good for you, but it definately wouldnt work for me.

Good on you for keeping on with eating healthier. You only gained 2 pounds on the slide, which isn't bad. And 7 pounds less since then, so good job. I gotta lose a bit of weight and put on some muscle. I've slipped big time recently. Worked out every day for years. Some stuff went down and I just kinda stopped. Try to get some exercise in too, even if it's just walking.

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I've been trying to do that this year. Down 20kg since January so far. Aiming for another 10kg still though.

My method: Usually eat once a day (1 chicken breast, maybe 2 if I'm feeling greedy and sometimes an egg or 2 as well), occasionally more than 1 meal a day, and sometimes even none. Daily exercise. And finally drinking a lot of wine (I don't know why, but I usually seem to lose quite a bit of weight after a night of heavy drinking).

Lost another lb today I now weigh 188lbs brings a total of 8lbs lost in 7 days 

I have video proof in my signature youtube channel few minutes ago I'm loving it.

Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.

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Damn man I'll feel like the super fat guy if I tell you guys how much I weigh. I wanna lose weight, but dammit food taste so frickin' good. *sigh* What a dilemma...

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Back in my heavy days I was 235 lbs, I am currently 175 lbs and been that way for a decade. 90% diet and 10% exercise. People overrate excerise in weight lose. It is mostly diet. Specifically portion size reduction and eating greens. Worked for me.

You don't lose weight by eating, you lose weight by not eating.

Go for a fast, either a complete fast for many days or do OMAD (one meal a day). Fasting is known as a healing technique for millennia so don't believe that it is unhealthy.

Avoid sugar and processed carbs because you'll get hungry again faster. Eat animal fat/meat and plant fat to feel satiated for a long time.

I am not fat but I am doing OMAD from time to time just to feel better. This will also cure every form of pre-diabeetis that most fatties have.

Ka-pi96 said:
 And finally drinking a lot of wine (I don't know why, but I usually seem to lose quite a bit of weight after a night of heavy drinking).

Water loss (dehydration) because of the alcohol. Some people say that alcohol and coffee reduce hunger so that might help eventually.

I'm way too lazy to try and lose weight, I'm actually too lazy to care. To be honest I'm kind of average, not really thin and not really fat but in my experience if I tried losing weight, my body would respond with countermeasures and I could end up losing some but very soon gaining even more than before I tried losing some.

On the other hand If I eat anything without trying to follow a diet, my body keeps me from substantially gaining weight too.

Bottom line, if I try to lose weight my body would not allow it and if I tried to gain weight my body would likewise not allow it too so I just remain in average weight, not fat nor thin and I'm fine with it.