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    < MDMAlliance updated his status:


    < IsawYoshi posted something on MDMAlliance's wall:

    Gotta love a good climate discussion ;D

    I just don't get what some of these deniers are trying to argue. The Gourmet guy thinks everyone should just take his word for it that #1 He's Japanese (or his father I guess), #2 His father was a published researcher, and #3 His father knows best.

    on 15 December 2016

    For all I know his father is japanese and published in tenfolds of papers, but he's clearly wrong. I honestly doubt this is his fathers work, but if it is he's certainly not a good biologist. At least he should know that the increased amounts of CO2 released makes the oceans acidic. What sort of biologist would stand by watching as thousands of species died out.

    It's just bollocks, all of it

    on 15 December 2016

    I said this in the thread as well, but why would a biologist use an anthropologist/achaeologist work for their research? Even weirder have it be the crux of it all as well? Otherwise how else did it all get overturned?

    on 15 December 2016

    Oh so that's what he meant? I got fumbled by the english, it isn't my first language either. :P Now the study of fossiles is part of the study of evolution, so there might be something there. Doesn't really matter though. The fact that one scientist was a fraud doesn't mean that the rest is.

    I mean, for crying out loud, I wouldn't be typing on this computer if there wasn't heapes of scientist that used the laws of physics to find out how to create one. I don't get it, do these people not believe in gravity either? Where do they draw the line to stop believing?

    on 15 December 2016

    I think most of these people just simply don't understand the process behind scientific finds and discoveries, or what it means to be a scientist. I find almost none of them are scientists themselves, or are even in the field. Even if they are, they still have a fundamental misunderstanding of just how the world works on a social and political level.

    I know people who think that the government is trying to mind control us all (and is succeeding) and that they are lying to us all, manipulating all the scientific data in the entire world and all that BS (even though much of this can easily be disputed by just going into the field yourself).

    on 15 December 2016

    Luckily this seems to be more of a problem in USA than in my country. Well, maybe I shouldn't say that since you are one of the ones that really matter... :/

    on 15 December 2016

    < MDMAlliance updated his status:

    I doubt anyone actually would see this, but I forgot to mention that I'm in Japan right now. I have been for the past two months. Lol.

    bwahahahah! Isaw it. Enjoy.

    on 19 October 2016

    So late

    on 20 October 2016

    Oh, wow. I guess it has been two months. Hope you "enjoyed" it.

    on 20 October 2016

    < MDMAlliance updated his status:

    I don't think I have much patience left for that Trump thread. lol

    < pbroy posted something on MDMAlliance's wall:

    Your round is up. Be sure to vote or you will be deducted 5p.

    Oh, do I vote for a single person or do I have to vote everyone including myself?

    on 03 February 2016

    You need to vote for everyone, including yourself. Put them in order, with 5p highest

    on 03 February 2016

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    Write 132

    Anybody trying to lose weight ? heres my story. of 6 days 7lbs lost

    in General Discussion on 01 September 2019

    I'm not really overweight, but I am trying to lose excess weight and get into shape. What I'm doing is quite different than what most of you are doing. What I do is I'm eating more times a day with smaller meals, limiting the types of calories I take in. Carbs are okay, but I focus more on protein as I am also going to the gym and protein is an important part of exercise. I use an app...

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    Today I took my first japanese class at my local college (need help)

    in General Discussion on 25 January 2019

    Rafie said: I'm learning little by little with this thread. Watching anime all day everyday may have my comprehension of Japanese a bit skewed. You also have to take into account that subtitles wont do exact translations most of the time.  Cultural differences being a major player in a translation veering pretty far off from its literal translation....

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    Today I took my first japanese class at my local college (need help)

    in General Discussion on 23 January 2019

    NightlyPoe said: I've never studied Japanese, but I've probably got a couple hundred words worth of vocabulary thanks to martial arts classes and anime. Anyone else in the same boat as me? I would think that the chances are low that there isn't someone else like that here.  I will say that most of the stuff you learn in anime might not be very useful in Japan as a lot of...


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