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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Google GDC Keynote Official Thread

I can not be less excited for this

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I don't expect anything from Google but an all-streaming console, and I'm not interested in that feature at all. Digital only platforms are always a poor choice.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Fast forward two years:

"Google announces plans to put a halt to their game streaming service, and have ceased production of all game-related hardware citing poor sales and industry acceptance."

It could be massive or it could be max underwhelming. I am thinking of the latter.

konnichiwa said:
COKTOE said:
Die Google Die. Which is German for The Google The.

Isn't it Das Google?

Because Google is a gender neutral noun, it actually is. You've ruined the joke I stole from The Simpsons, and thus, all the joy it could have spread to so many, many people. I think.....Vivster? posted about this around a year ago, and I totally forgot about it.

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I expect they will talk more about the technology today rather than games.  Unfortunate, because any system lives or dies by its games, be it physical, download, streaming or whatever.

Still, the technology itself must be impressive, just based on hearing how much Microsoft is trying to hype up their own digital services.  I think Microsoft got wind of what Google is cooking up and it has them spooked.  So, I expect to see some sort of impressive tech today, but there will be no way to tell how successful it will be unless we know what games it will have.

If it's a streaming box, then... it would have to be an inferior, Linux one, right?

Why would MS sell Windows to Google when they'll be competing for the same market.






Seeing as how there has never been a time, in the entire history of gaming, when more than three consoles successfully coexisted, one of the current three would have to be pushed out of the market for a potential Google console to be more than a blip on the radar (they stand as good of a chance of failing as anybody else).

Looking forward to this. Tagged.

1:00 AM here, probably won't be able to watch it, but tagging in and reading it tomorrow if I can't watch live.