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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Google GDC Keynote Official Thread

Shikamo said:

Some games has been leaked

Oh dear.

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A new ChuChu game..... Thats all I got to say.

twintail said:
DirtyP2002 said:
Oh, Phil Harrison is involved.
Guess it will crash and burn then.

He managed the launch of the PS3 and the Xbox One. Great references.

I seriously wonder how this guy keeps getting jobs in this industry.

Because he is incredibly well connected to actual gaming devs, something all the platform holders after Sony wanted.

Either way you are selling him short, he accomplished many things for Sony. PS3 and X1 launches being bad (X1 wasnt that bad) are like not on him at all.

Yeah. Whoever approved the names for Xbox One and Wii U are to blame, and whoever decided the ps3 would cost $499-599 at launch (inflation has that at $625-750 now).

Random_Matt said:
Shikamo said:

Some games has been leaked

Oh dear.

I can't stop laughing at the Gmail 2 haha. The sequel we all need but don't even know about lol.

looks like it's starting now

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So, one gaming platform for everyone, that's their goal. Through streaming them through Chrome

Edit: It got a Name, Stadia

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That name's awful.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Oh boy. General feeling so far ...

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Pretty close Sativa....