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Forums - NSFW Discussion - Are you circumsized ?


Are you?

Yes 45 37.82%
No 72 60.50%
undecided 2 1.68%
iceland said:
I’m circ, which is a little annoying as I didn’t consent to it, I find uncut dicks beautiful and natural and would love to cockdock with one, feel like it’ll be a fun learning experience.

This guy knows what's up. 

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What the fuck is this thread?

To the guy that said Catholics aren't circumsized, maybe in his country, but in the US, we are.

Didn't we just have a thread about this??

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Alara317 said:
Circumcised dicks just aren't as appealing as uncircumcised ones. HAving foreskin means the head remains moist and tender, sensitive and yes, even a bit musky, Some girls LOVE that, I know I do; it's not dirty, it's just aromatic. Even freshly cleaned uncut penises maintain the slightest hint of natural scent much longer than a circumcised one, which has no flavour and no aroma unless it's recently been inside someone or he's just peed/ejaculated. 

That's---what did I just read?


And yeah, I am. Through no choice of my own. I'm patently anti-circumcision. What a bizarre, barbaric practice. I don't necessarily feel like I'm missing out on anything sexually, but it is a bit annoying to know I apparently am.

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I am. No regrets (although I didn't have a choice, Im kinda happy it was done when I was born)
Catholic canadian here for what its worth. It was very common here back then. Not sure how common it is now but I'm pretty sure my nephew who was born 3 years ago is.
Also as a gay man I somewhat prefer circumcised guys too just as a tmi

AngryLittleAlchemist said:
iceland said:
I’m circ, which is a little annoying as I didn’t consent to it, I find uncut dicks beautiful and natural and would love to cockdock with one, feel like it’ll be a fun learning experience.

This guy knows what's up. 

Had to look up that word, lol, thank god for private tab.

wCutting off a bit of your penis to show your devotion to God is really fucking weird if you think about it.
If you want me to worship a god, this is NOT my idea of a fun party!

Whoever came up with this is a sick freak! I’m looking at you pre-dynastic ancient Egypt priests!

Also, it’s incredibly unhealthy, as it can lead to impotence and lack of sensation during sex. If you ever listen to Jewish comedy, you get the picture: “I went from being too quick to lasting way too long” George Costanza.

Basically, without foreskin, men:
A) 90% of the pleasure sensation during sex is cut off with the nerve endings.
B) Lack control over cumming.
C) Women don’t like it as it doesn’t feel right, and can more easily damage them.

Honestly, I would recommend anyone who had this done to them as a baby to charge their parents with abuse. This is a disgusting and barbaric practice, and any parent that has this done to their own child needs mental therapy. They literally cut the a piece of their manhood away without consent.

It should not be associated with nazism to ban non-consensual genital mutilation, that is a fucking terrible argument. Additionally, this ISN’T akin to banning religious clothing, as religious clothing isn’t irreversible assault with lifelong sexual-health and psychological consequences.

Yes! I have strong feelings on this issue! My brothers across the world had their strong feelings cut off!

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Yes, I was cut for medical reasons.

I am circumcised. I am fine with my parents' decision in this regard. But, I just had a son, and we decided not to circumcise him. I did quite a bit of research, and found that there are some definite, small benefits to circumcision, some definite, small risks, and some possible small negatives in terms of sexual sensation. All are so small as to not have factored into our decision. At the end of the day, it's largely a cosmetic procedure. The wife and I see no justification to have cosmetic surgery performed on someone without their consent. So, we didn't do it.

As far as I'm concerned, once he's reached his teenage years, if he wants to have it done for cosmetic reasons, I'll support that decision. After all, it is the norm here in the US. It just needs to be his decision, rather than mine.