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Alara317 said:
Circumcised dicks just aren't as appealing as uncircumcised ones. HAving foreskin means the head remains moist and tender, sensitive and yes, even a bit musky, Some girls LOVE that, I know I do; it's not dirty, it's just aromatic. Even freshly cleaned uncut penises maintain the slightest hint of natural scent much longer than a circumcised one, which has no flavour and no aroma unless it's recently been inside someone or he's just peed/ejaculated. 

That's---what did I just read?


And yeah, I am. Through no choice of my own. I'm patently anti-circumcision. What a bizarre, barbaric practice. I don't necessarily feel like I'm missing out on anything sexually, but it is a bit annoying to know I apparently am.

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