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    Games that were graphically well ahead of their time

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 October 2020

    KingJames said: God of War 1/2 on the PS2 comes to mind. Those games absolutely blew my mind when they came out. Speaking of PS2 games... Shadow of the Colossus. I remember being blown away by the level of scale in that game which you rarely saw in those days, and it got me excited for the next generation. It's interesting how PS2 was the weakest in terms of power of its generation...

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    Games that were graphically well ahead of their time

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 October 2020

    hinch said: ...Half Life 2. Definitely this. I remember it being the first game where character models and animations were starting to get very close to looking like theatrical CG animated movies. Even DOOM 3 from a year before seemed far off from that. Not to mention the physics. ...

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    Best Star Trek series

    in Movies Discussion on 30 September 2020

    DS9 by a country mile. One of the best TV shows ever. ...

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    Best looking 3DS game, besides RE Revelations

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 September 2020

    Dead or Alive: Dimensions get my vote. On the small screen, it almost looks like a 360 game. ...

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    Stop Calling Foreign Films "Weird"

    in Movies Discussion on 26 September 2020

    Stop telling me what to say you gatekeeping cunts ...

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    BOLD PREDICTION: PS5 and PS5D to be $399 and $349 respectively

    in Sales Discussion on 13 September 2020

    Seece said: They really don't need to price it at $399. Each gen Sony and MS seem to swap places in completely fucking up and squandering their good will. All Sony has to do is price at $499 and keep delivering exclusives and they'll win hands down. The difference here is the company with bad will has to make up for it at the end of the generation, as Sony did last...

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    If transracialism is BS, why isn't transgenderism?

    in Politics Discussion on 13 September 2020

    I don't see what's so much of a stretch about having brain chemicals that are more oriented toward the opposite sex; then with surgery and hormone therapy and such, you can pretty much claim to be the gender you so choose. I have no problem with that (not that anyone was waiting for my say in the matter).I think the idea of "transracial" is, in itself, a racist premise. I have no interest in...

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    Worst movie you've ever watched

    in Movies Discussion on 12 September 2020

    Two movies come to mind, both comedies: Meet the Spartans and Benchwarmers. Saw both in theatres--not even in the same universe of movies I generally watch, let alone in the theatre, but these came out around the time I had friends who worked at the theatre who could get me in free, so I would go with them. I'm glad I didn't pay a penny for these but somehow I still want my money back. Meet the...

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    If Xbox Series S is 100$ cheaper than PS5 All-Digital, does Xbox have a legitimate chance of outselling PS5 this gen?

    in Sales Discussion on 11 September 2020

    Look at the Google Trends ratio, still overwhelmingly favored toward PS5, even after the Series S reveals, within the US. The lion's share of its market. I don't see the needle budging at all for PS5, it will do just as well as PS4 has, but the needle might move slightly ahead for Xbox given the low price and "All Access" stuff. Those are solid deals, but you're looking at an extremely uphill...

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    Square Enix: No plans for Kingdom Hearts ports on Switch, technologically difficult, but another Nomura game may be ported

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 September 2020

    This reminds me of the bullshit answers Katsuhiro Harada gives about a Tekken on Switch "DePeNds On FaN DeManD". Right... because people were clammering for an Xbox One version of Tekken 7, meanwhile a console that's already hit 60m in three years needs fans to beg for it? Shake my fucking head. Why, 3 years and 60m units sold later is Switch still treated like some special novelty hardware that...

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    Let's Talk about Fable.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 30 August 2020

    I'm not sure I share everyones' optimism. The track record (especially with Microsoft) of new teams with absolutely no connection to the actual team that developed the original games does not exactly inspire optimism. Microsoft basically put a team together to create fantasy game, and they're calling it Fable because of brand recognition. Part of the appeal of the series was because of Lionhead...

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    NSW is here to Stay!! Itís Life Will Be Long and No Successor Will Come Before 2025!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 June 2020

    Considering how long the 3DS lasted, I don't think you're too far off. I imagine there will continue to be various revisions and upgrades... but hopefully they won't call it "New Nintendo Switch" or something. I think a tiny Switch at some point is guaranteed down the line, but as far as how the main version evolves will be interesting to see. ...

    Write 291

    How much do you care about the graphical leap between consoles at this point?

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 May 2020

    Pretty much all or nothing. Incremental increases don't interest me in any way. That's why the Xbox One X was kind of a joke to me... the main appeal was slightly sharper textures that I found more or less imperceptible. All the talk of "MAH TERRYFLOPS" and being "the most recent console in the history of mankind" meant nothing if it isn't going to be obvious. That was literally its main draw and...

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    Global Hardware 21 March 2020 - Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    in Sales Discussion on 25 March 2020

    To think that the Switch is already within striking distance of the 3DS in terms of sales is pretty mind-blowing. That system had a longer lifespan than most and did super well for a lot of that time. I know there's at least 10m or so difference still, but considering how short the system has been out that's nothing and will be surpassed in no time. ...

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    Sony is going to mess up this Gen

    in Sony Discussion on 16 March 2020

    What I find funny is this fantasy Xbox owners have, drowning in their own cum over the thought of Xbox overtaking PlayStation. Not gonna happen. Japan laughs at Xbox and the gorge that exists between Xbox's third place position and PS4's dominance is way too large. Microsoft would need to nail it at every point and Sony would need to fuck up at every point for like three straight years for that...

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    Frostbite Engine Support For Nintendo Switch Might Still Happen, According To New EA Job Listing

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 February 2020

    EA is definitely cancer, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want Battlefront/Battlefield/NFS on Switch. ...

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    Project Luminous: The Future of Star Wars, details leaked

    in Movies Discussion on 05 January 2020

    Sure, why not? Disney has owned Star Wars for eight years and they've focused primarily on directly before and after the original trilogy, in a very specific corner of space with very specific characters--for such a vast universe with literally unlimited potential, that's a ridiculous waste so if they're going in a brand new direction I say bring it on. That is, as long as they don't just...

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    What should Nintendo have done instead of Wii U?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 30 December 2019


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    C'mon, Do you all really hate Trump?

    in Politics Discussion on 22 December 2019

    Yes, I like him. He's far from perfect, and he's a bully. But a bully seems to be what we need right now. I liked Obama too, but he seemed to be a bit of a pushover. Other countries got used to pushing us around and getting into very unfair deals. I do like Trump for that. The economy is absolutely booming and unemployment is at record lows across the board. Plus for once, we seem to have someone...

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    Star Wars Episode 9 currently the 3rd lowest reviewed movie in the series by critics

    in Movies Discussion on 21 December 2019

    I hated The Force Awakens. I thought it was boring, and it felt really obvious that it was trying hard to capture the Star Wars feel, and it failed. The Last Jedi, to me, was even worse. The subversion at every turn was not cute or interesting, it just made everything bleak and it single-handedly nearly ruined the entire franchise for me. The trilogy was already off to a crap start and this...

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