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He "sacrificed" himself (he's God, so I don't imagine it's too much of an inconvenience), gets to come back to life, AND gets to go to Heaven in the end. What about mortal people who have died in more gruesome ways in selfless acts who DON'T get to come back to life? Ultimately, the whole story isn't that impressive even if you believe it.

Why did he supposedly do it? I dunno, seems like absurd theatre for a timeless creator of the universe who takes a vested interest in where people place their reproductive organs.

craighopkins said: 

Jesus Quote "Seek me with all your heart and you will find me."

I sincerely sought it out for the majority of my life. Being surrounded by believers made it a profound inconvenience not to be convinced by this stuff. I still appreciate the church community and wish I still had the friendships that I lost due to my deconversion. As an omnipotent, all-knowing agent who knows exactly how many hairs are on my head, he would also know exactly what criteria is necessary to convince me of the religion. This quote, I'm sorry to say, is a load of old waffle.

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