Forums - NSFW Discussion - Are you circumsized ?

Are you?

Yes 40 38.83%
No 62 60.19%
undecided 1 0.97%

I'm not circumsized and I like the protection on my tip . I also am not found of a baby if i make one getting surgery in few days after birth for him . it makes me tear up alot . So , back to the question are you circumsized?

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Strange question to ask xD

But no I'm not.


Another circumcision thread? Come on guys, cut out.

No, it's not done in Finland, except for the teeny tiny Jewish population of 1100 people I guess. Or if there's a rare medical anomaly that requires it.

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No i am not. Not really common for non-religious reasons in Norway

Nothing to see here, move along

Why does it make you tear up? Stop posting your emotions god damn it, you have a penis for a reason, you aren't supposed to admit you feel things unless you're in war or at a rave!


China Numba wan!!

no, I wasn't invited to the promised land.

I’m circ, which is a little annoying as I didn’t consent to it, I find uncut dicks beautiful and natural and would love to cockdock with one, feel like it’ll be a fun learning experience.

Nope. I'm exactly as evolution intended

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