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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Should I halt my boycott of Acti-Ubi-EA-nami?


Should I halt my Boycott?

Yes. 9 23.08%
No. 24 61.54%
Other/comments/Indifferent/Middle America... 6 15.38%

You should never boycott. Play whats good to you. Buisness practices will always be buisness practices. Lifes too short to worry about that kind of stuff.

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Darksiders III is coming... too soon? It's been 6 years since Darksiders II xD

John2290 said:

Seems like there is a drought of flat games on the way for me over the next while. All I can see coming is Mutant: Road to eden outside of VR which is looking bright enough. Just cause and Darksiders 3 are looking decent enough but they are much of the same, perhaps too soon from their predecessors or genre peers. Of course Red dead online will be on the way and hopefully that will grab me and supplement my VR play into the coming year. 

So help me out here, with such a possibility of vast swats of gameless game time would it be a so bad on my consumerism ... morals if I caved now? I hav'nt bought anything from Actiblizz, Ubisoft o EA since I bought Diablo 3 in late 2016. With so many games of theirs built up and now with Spryo reignited and Sekerio on the way, should I hold strong or give myself a loathsome pass and hand my money over to these devils, even if only part of the price goes through to them. 

I'll leave a poll that's pretty black qnd white but please do comment, should I hunker down and try and live through my boring ass life without games? Should I find something else? Should I cave and loose a small part of my soul and buy Spyro, the Diablo 3 DLC, Ass Creed Odessy/Origins, UFC3, Far cry 5, The division, Cod Blackout, Shadow of war, Need for speed paypack, South park Fractured but whole, Castlevania Symphony of the night? Preorder Sekerio and the like?

Or perhaps I'm over thinking what I'm missing out on and they are all shite at any rate?

I'm definately gonna get Spyro, next year.

Vodacixi said:
Darksiders III is coming... too soon? It's been 6 years since Darksiders II xD

This. And I would argue that Darksiders is unique enough to not be more of the same.


oh and yeah. Second hand games if you dont want to support them.

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If you see a game you want to play, buy the game. Who cares who published it? You are only hurting yourself more than your single purchase will ever hurt them.

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Imho Ubisoft has long redeemed themselves.

Can’t share your resentment about Darksiders 3.. Other than it somehow looks uninspired and is not developed by the same team.

In general I’d differentiate more on a game by game basis. If it contains intrusive MTXs, don’t buy, but I see no reason to not buy Sekiro, just because it’s published by Activision.

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twintail said:
John2290 said:

Because I do not want to give my money to support the horrible business practices of these companies which hurt my favourite hobby and the direction the idustry is taking nor do i want to ever be tempted by microtransactions again, they get to you when you are at your weakest and not thinking clearly at night, I wouldn't invite a 24 hour casino into my home so I won't invite these games. It may be a small drip in the pond but it's my money and I for one won't allow it to help destroy the industry, if these publishers are let we'd all only have mobile like, fee to play free to play models with no gameplay where we just click to earn experience and pay to earn it faster... well, that may have sounded craxy a decade ago but it's fast becoming a reality. 

Anyway, a kind user solved my problem. I'll just buy used from ebay and they won't see a penny. 

Dont take what I said the wrong way. I am merely commenting on the fact that if you want to boycott something then you should stick to it instead of trying to find justification not to do it. Then what is the point of the boycott in the first place?

And while 2nd had definitely prevents the companies getting your money you are nonetheless still saying its ok to have their games, and therefore their practices by association.

I agree. I support the idea of boycott. But if you call it boycott and you end up working around it to get the publisher's games, it doesn't feel right in my opinion. It feels a bit like communists going to McDonnald's ordering their food on iPhones. Or communist dictators that hate the West but they end up travelling to an European hospital to get a treatment when they need some capitalist/western fix.

God bless You.

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Sure, you can boycott EA and not buy their games, but why? In many cases the company you are boycotting is worlds apart from the developers who actually made the game. Also, you are going to miss out on playing great games. Gaming corporations are all money-hungry and prone to the same dirty tactics. This is because a corporation is not a person, and as such, does not have dignity. Any illusion of dignity is strategically in place to gain favor from gamers.

There was a time when I would consider not buying a game because of these things, but not anymore. It's impossible to know for certain how crooked these companies are because the reports we hear about them may be biased or exaggerated. And for those that *are* in good standing, there may be devious things they are getting away with that we don't know about yet.

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John2290 said:
Angelus said:
There's really no need for a blanket boycott. Nor is it something that's going to be very productive. The best thing you can do is to simply judge the games these companies release on an individual basis, and decide whether they're worth your money.


Games are an expensive medium and the player has mpre power than most realize. It might just be a few hundred euro but it's a few hundred these companies don't get to invest back into making terrible industry standards and ruining my favourite hobby. A few dozen people decide not to pay them? That's a few thousands. A few hundred gamers? That's tens of thousands. A few thousands gamers? Hundreds of thousands. Plus eliminating the potential for microtransactions which adds up to more. 

I don't give care much if others contribute to shitty practices, that's on them but I won't and thankfully have found two pf the games I want used and have them ordered. None of my money goes back into the schemes that rip on hardcore players, kids and their parents and the industry as a whole in the long run. 

If you asked ten years ago would we be paying full price for the right to buy further content all the while microtransactions (Destiny) often open the real balanced game (Ass oddessy) or forced to buy teo games of three digitally when you purchase phyiscally (spyro). You wouldn't belive it so what do you think it'll be like in 10 more? The only way to stop it is to not support it and they will change based on the money. If gamer outrage and talk of boycotts among a small few gamers can cause a company to drop stock by billions a real boycott can actually have clear effect in the direction the company takes. 

At least it's a few hundred euro that I don't give to them at the very least.

I get what you're saying, but blanket boycotts still aren't particularly useful. Be it on a single person basis, or as a mass movement. Reason being simply that all games released by a given publisher aren't treated the same. Not in marketing, business model, investment, design philosophy, etc. As such, if you boycott a company as a whole, without any regard as to what they're actually doing with specific products, you're taking some money out of their pocket, yes, but you're also telling them that some of their projects which maybe would line up much more closely with your desires as a consumer, are not worth your dime. And they won't be looking at from a standpoint of, "oh the reason this underperformed, is because outside of this product, we also do some other things that really rub the consumer the wrong way." No. They'll be looking at it from a standpoint of, "well...this project underachieved, so we need to either scrap this moving forward, or bring it more in line with other projects which are seeing healthy returns." 

So assess games on an individual basis, to decided whether they're worth your money. That game, if it's the kind of experience you're looking for, isn't going to be made any better or worse by the name of the publisher on the box. Maybe it's DLC, if there is to be any, will be worse. Maybe the eventual sequel, should it get one, will be worse. Perhaps this publisher has just released a bunch of other games, which you feel are harmful to the industry. That could all well be the case….but that doesn't change whatever that one individual game is that you think looks awesome, and are foregoing only because of the name on the box. Vote with your wallet, always, but don't vote no on B simply because it was released by the same umbrella corp. responsible for A. Vote based on whether or not you think that's a quality product.

pokoko said:
Consciously deciding to boycott everything from a publisher makes no sense to me. It's like if a parent slapped the hand of a child when they did something bad AND when they did something good. If a game deserves to be bought then I might buy it. If it doesn't, then I won't. It's as simple as that. I deal with DLC the exact same way.

Pretty much exactly this, if a company does something and creates a game you would enjoy playing but you still don't buy it then you're voting with your wallet, you're telling them that the step they've made to please you still isn't enough to get you as a customer, at a point they'll stop giving a crap about pleasing individuals who just blanket wont buy their stuff and instead chuck in another 50e microtransaction skin to cover the short fall of you not buying the game.


Vote with your wallet... tell them when they do good by you... a voter who always votes no ... I mean... what are companies to do to win you over? you're putting your one vote on top of a mountain making it impossible for them to even bother about anymore, they'll just ignore you and go to greener pastures.

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