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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Should I halt my boycott of Acti-Ubi-EA-nami?


Should I halt my Boycott?

Yes. 9 23.08%
No. 24 61.54%
Other/comments/Indifferent/Middle America... 6 15.38%
John2290 said:
Azzanation said:
You should never boycott. Play whats good to you. Buisness practices will always be buisness practices. Lifes too short to worry about that kind of stuff.

Games are an expensive medium and the player has mpre power than most realize. It might just be a few hundred euro but it's a few hundred these companies don't get to invest back into making terrible industry standards and ruining my favourite hobby. A few dozen people decide not to pay them? That's a few thousands. A few hundred gamers? That's tens of thousands. A few thousands gamers? Hundreds of thousands. Plus eliminating the potential for microtransactions which adds up to more. 

I don't give care much if others contribute to shitty practices, that's on them but I won't and thankfully have found two pf the games I want used and have them ordered. None of my money goes back into the schemes that rip on hardcore players, kids and their parents and the industry as a whole in the long run. 

If you asked ten years ago would we be paying full price for the right to buy further content all the while microtransactions (Destiny) often open the real balanced game (Ass oddessy) or forced to buy teo games of three digitally when you purchase phyiscally (spyro). You wouldn't belive it so what do you think it'll be like in 10 more? The only way to stop it is to not support it and they will change based on the money. If gamer outrage and talk of boycotts among a small few gamers can cause a company to drop stock by billions a real boycott can actually have clear effect in the direction the company takes. 

At least it's a few hundred euro that I don't give to them at the very least.

John its totally up to you, but..

Let me tell you a recently sad story of mine. One of my close friends recently passed away at the age of 20 who was a massive gamer. She just didn't wake up one morning, her life ended in her bed. She will never see the next instalment to her favourite games ever again, it was tragic to everyone who knew her. Now if she boycotted brands instead of playing the games she loved, she would have left this world a lot less happier, but she didn't, and she just played what she loved regardless of the business models these companies try to throw at us.

Just remember we only live once, our money doesn't follow us to Heaven or Hell. It remains behind. So my opinion is go out and enjoy games while you are still healthy instead of worrying about business practices that we wont be changing any time soon. These companies make too much money to worry about a few million dollars here and there, they are aiming a lot bigger to even worry about the slight negatives of gamers. 

At the end of the day, you do you.

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boycotts are stupid..why aren't you boycotting take two also?

Ganoncrotch said:
pokoko said:
Consciously deciding to boycott everything from a publisher makes no sense to me. It's like if a parent slapped the hand of a child when they did something bad AND when they did something good. If a game deserves to be bought then I might buy it. If it doesn't, then I won't. It's as simple as that. I deal with DLC the exact same way.

Pretty much exactly this, if a company does something and creates a game you would enjoy playing but you still don't buy it then you're voting with your wallet, you're telling them that the step they've made to please you still isn't enough to get you as a customer, at a point they'll stop giving a crap about pleasing individuals who just blanket wont buy their stuff and instead chuck in another 50e microtransaction skin to cover the short fall of you not buying the game.


Vote with your wallet... tell them when they do good by you... a voter who always votes no ... I mean... what are companies to do to win you over? you're putting your one vote on top of a mountain making it impossible for them to even bother about anymore, they'll just ignore you and go to greener pastures.

Yeah.  In that regard, a person who boycotts everything from a publisher is actually part of the problem, not the solution.

If you boycott a game like Child of Light from Ubisoft, what is the message you're sending?  That you don't want stylized RPGs?  That it didn't have enough blood?  That it wasn't realistic enough?  That'll show those mean ol' developers who pitched something different.  Hopefully they'll learn their lesson and stick with AAA action franchises that are proven money makers.  Congratulations.

I don't see the logic.  A puppy does something bad, you pop it on the nose.  A puppy does something good, you ... still pop it on the nose?

Don't buy brand new, buy preowned.


John2290 said:
Baddman said:
boycotts are stupid..why aren't you boycotting take two also?

Why would I boycott take two? They give us massive sibgle player masterpieces with great value for money, free online and do microtransactions correctly, never forcing them on players and use the revenue from those who do to bribg everyone else free online updates. They never anualize or tire out their franchises qnd take the time needed to make them the best they can be. They have stroke a perfect balance between old and new, they could litterally make more money than the top world billionaires if they released a GTA every teo years but they have restraint. Everything I am looking in from a publisher and I'm happy to support them to support rockstar. 

man bruh. I was almost not going to buy red dead 2 due to take twos handling of GTA online  and what they did to NBA 2k 

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Some are saying that boycotting a publisher is nonsense, but I disagree. A publisher or a dev might do so many mistakes that you can't stand that it's just more meaningful to give your money to other companies. Although a publish can publish 5 games you hate and two small great games, if you buy those two small great games you're still helping them keeping games like the big 5 you hate coming. So, not spending your money with them means that you can spend your money on other companies that are doing a better job overall.

Anyway, all forms of boycotting makes sense. In the end, it's just a way to not only vote with your money, but to give your money to support other things or companies.

Nintendo for example did and released so much nonsense that I dislike that I just moved away from them. I still like a few Nintendo franchises I wouldn't say that I'm actively boycotting them, it's a strong word.. but in the end I just prefer using my money somewhere else unless I have nothing else to pick up. Even when they release a game from a franchise that I like, I first check if I don't have other games that I like to buy, before just buying their stuff. So I support other companies that I believe deserve more my time and money. That's the idea. Also I don't feel like missing out. I guess those who boycott aren't missing, because they're doing something else. It's not like we can't skip every 8.0+ metascore game just because we're gamers and it's our duty to play the biggest releases. When you're boycotting you're doing something else that is fun and more meaningful on your opinion.

God bless You.

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Yes, there's no point in boycotting as multiple other users have stated, unless there was a large movement.

Edit: Nvm, you apparently made your decision pretty quickly. 


John2290 said:
BraLoD said:

Never boycott or never stop? Never stop, never stopping?

Never stop.

Just make sure you aren't unstoppable or you might become rolstoppable... and we don't want any more of that.

You know how many people noticed your boycott? Zero.

All you did was make yourself suffer. No one else cares, let's be real here guys. Want to play something, buy and play it. When you ask such a stupid question it's obvious what you're trying to be convinced into. You already have your mind set, if you all ready haven't broken your "boycott". Sorry, this is attention seeking as it gets.