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John2290 said:
Vodacixi said:
Darksiders III is coming... too soon? It's been 6 years since Darksiders II xD


Ultr said:

I'm definately gonna get Spyro, next year.

This. And I would argue that Darksiders is unique enough to not be more of the same.


oh and yeah. Second hand games if you dont want to support them.

No. It's too close to it's genre peers with GoW absolutely obliterating the landscape for hack and slash even if DS's is more level, platforming and puzzle based, it's got too big a gap that I think it can fill. I am still mildly interested but the reviews will have to be pretty glowing and from what I've seen I'm really hopibg those earth like levels aren't in it for long. Just cause is what is too soon, way too soon, they need to hold off on these games, as they were doing to once a generation. 

With this mindset you would have to skip on a lot of games just because they are close to something, even though they are completely different. It feels like you just want to justify to buy games again from the other publishers :P