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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Germany lifts ban on Nazi Symbols in Video Games

Kerotan said:
Peh said:


Is there a history class in schools where you live? Germany was never hiding from from what happened in the past. Saying otherwise is an insult and shows how ignorant you are on the topic. 

Censoring the nazi from media like games is like ireland censoring the British flag from movies and games. Absolutely ridiculous and I'm glad they've seen sense. Germany is progressing. 

banning symbols isn't really uncommon in the world:

Also as mentioned before it was never banned per se:

"(3) Subsection (1) above shall not apply if the propaganda materials or the act is meant to serve civil education, to avert unconstitutional movements, to promote art or science, research or teaching, the reporting about current or historical events or similar purposes."

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I love historical accuracy in my WW2 video games and a WW2 game without the swastika is lame.

Acknowledging the past is the only way to prevent repeating it.

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I’m shocked by the ignorance some people show in this thread. As if the reason for the banning of Nazi symbolics was a way to hide from the past. The opposite is the case.

Good. They finally reconized Video games as an art form then. I wonder if 'Through the Darkest Of Times' winning funding by the medienboard Brandenburg Berlin, despite being unable to be shown in competition due to it's subject matter, hepled push this along. It#s very much the up and coming Indie darling right now.

Edit: For the record, you are allowed to show Nazi symbolizm in german media as long as the content serves to educate, is a work of art and is non-gloryfying basically. Video games have straddled the line of the definition of artwork for a long time and weren't properly reconized as an artform before.

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Woooooooow, great for all the german players, that was really unexpected, I bet the Wolfenstein devs are partying right now !

I don't think I'll be able to play as Germany in Hearts of Iron with the swatstikas everywhere lol, could kind of forget who you were playing as before that.

Finally, so happy to hear this (even though it's way too late but I guess better now than never).

Good. They shouldn't be censoring their own history.

Aeolus451 said:
Good. They shouldn't be censoring their own history.


I don't think it gets more ignorant than this. 

No, germany never censored their own history. Do some research before posting such nonsense.

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