Forums - Nintendo Discussion - This Friday's Switch releases: Wolfenstein II and Crash N.Sane Trilogy, which you getting?

Switch owners, which you buyin'?

Wolfenstein II 9 12.33%
Crash Bandicoot Trilogy 29 39.73%
Both 19 26.03%
Neither 16 21.92%

Already pre-ordered Crash, and will eventually get Wolfenstein II when I'll have more money. I just recently got a free PS4 so I'm more focused on PSN sales at the moment.

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I really want Lumines, Hollow Knight, Octopath Traveler and Ys VIII. I was never into Crash, and I cannot seem to enjoy shooters on the Switch (although I loved them on the Wii).

PS: And I finally have to get Zelda DLC too. My wallet's crying...

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Don't have many games on Switch besides Pokken Tournament DX and couple of free games at the moment so Crash is a guaranteed purchase, I already have Wolfenstein o n PC.

Both, but I might wait for a pricedrop on them because Octopath is also coming up, plus a few smaller things from past months I still want to get and I'm not made of money.

But I want to support Bethesda for their stellar Switch ports so far (and for being awesome with wolf) and I'm happy crash is coming.

Ys 8 is also out on Friday and I already have my copy thanks to a retailer shipping early.

Currently neither, maybe both if they're good ports. Just got Mario Tennis: Aces (which is a mixed bag and needs patching), Golf Story in the sale, and want Hollow Knight, Lumines Remastered, plus the expansions for Splatoon 2 and Mario + Rabbids. Plus an Octopath Traveler preorder. I won an academic award and have some prize money to blow - so if the ports are good on a technical level, then I'll happily buy Crash and Wolfenstein 2. It'll break up the RPGs I'm playing.

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Neither. I don't like Jump&Runs and I seldom play shooters, and Fortnite and Splatoon do that for me in that department. I might consider Wolfenstein later on, if I get bored or the game gets good praise. But with Octopath Traveler and Captain Toad I have games on the list. Also I have to play the DLC for Splatoon, Xenoblade and Mario+Rabbids. And I strongly consider at least one of The Lost Child, Ys or Shining Resonance. But deciding between these three is so hard.

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I have ELEVEN games in my wishlist... these two are part of it with Ys VIII, Mario tennis, Donkey Kong, Hyrule Warriors and Kirby. And i'm not even counting Fortnite, Captain Toad and Pokemon...
With Okami, Monster Hunter, Octopath and Smash coming soon... 24 hours a day are not enough.
AND i have Skyrim and Bayonetta 1/2 still untouched on my desk...

But hell, I just can't stop playing Xenoblade...

Maynard_Tool said:
Maybe crash, in the future.... when it gets a price cut


Need something off Play-Asia?

I'm planning on getting both.

There have been some new games released in 2018 that I've really enjoyed (e.g. Celeste, Iconoclasts, God of War), but all in all, it's been a bit of slow year for my taste (especially compared to this same time frame last year), out of which Switch ports continue to be the main highlight, so I'll have the money available for both and already know they're both charming games based on my experience with them on the PS4. I've always enjoyed the Wolfenstein franchise's ability to retain a sense of humor about itself and the classic Crash trilogy is just cute and I enjoy the new option to use Coco a lot more often. The main appeal of having them on the Switch too, for me, is, as always, definitely the portability factor.

Pre-ordered Crash. I want to get Wolfenstein, but trying to save up at the moment for that and for other stuff like Octopath, Lumines, and YS VIII. There's a lot more in my radar for the rest of this year, much like last year but I won't be able to afford all of them. :P