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Forums - Website Topics - Where do we go from here?

VGPolyglot said:
Nautilus said:

I cant speak for others, but the reason i stay here and participate in this forum is:

1)The numbers.Accurate or not, me likes it.

2)But most of all, the discussion.It dosent matter(that much) if the site dosent get game changing updates every year.As long as it functions, and as long as there are awesome users who i can discuss things with, I am more than satisfied.After all, thats the main function of a forum:The excitment of sharing the ideas and discussion with like minded people.people that share your hobby.

This is not meant as a critique, and Im sorry if it sounds a bit harsh, but if you come to a forum because you want new tools, to see it have a new logo every year, or to make friendships with 90% of the users and have that friendship last until the end of times, then you came to the wrong place.

A leads to B, though. If the site continues to get changes and updates, it will drive people to come here and as a result there will be better discussion. Yes, I also came to the realization that most people here are not really looking for close friendships, that has been a very painful and hurtful process for me.

Well, i agree with you.If you care for something, life usually rewards you for this.What i said was something out of my perspective and honestly, its also probably true for 70% of the users here.I mean, if they havent left already when the site was barely working a few years ago, its not like they will leave now when its much better XD

And just a side note about friendships and stuff: One thing most people usually forgets but friendship, much like a romantic relationship, is also a relationship.It requires maintanence.You need to create a bond with someone to actually become friends.And in order to do that, you have to have "special" moments with them.Going out to see movies, to grab a bite, having akward moments during a point in the relationships(either be at work or school where you have met).In another words, you have to have strong memories that you share with him/her in order to form a true bond, a true friendship.And VGP, thats simply extremely hard to do through the internet, where the best thing you could do with someone is play a game where each one is in one side of the world.Its not like people dont like you or me or the next user, its simply that there are not enough means to actually form a friendship.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

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TalonMan said:

I honestly don't do "small scale" - I'm either in, or I'm out. That's always been the way I operate (for better, or worse)...   

...besides - would you really want "limited" type work? I know you think something is better than nothing, but that doesn't apply to this particular website and I don't think very much would get accomplished with my working at a smaller scale. Besides (and Trucks can attest to this), this site requires serious effort just to implement even the smallest of things. There are probably a dozen different coding styles deployed across the website, and it requires some significant change in gears just trying to understand how certain things work and inter-connect before you can even add a single line of code!!

It's a mess, frankly and you absolutely need to be committed if you're going to be able sustain functioning updates.

I know about that life.  And that is terrible. 

You have done some really great work.  I'm sure you have hardly ever been thanked.  And it is awful when you're just trying your best and you get criticized for things that aren't even your fault. 

But I just want you to know that many of us here, greatly appreciate what you've done.  And I wholeheartedly say thank you!  And sorry that you haven't gotten the respect you deserve.  

I hope you do whatever makes you happiest. 

Thanks for all the work you did Talon and all the major improvements that are making this website so much better. I know how intensive and frustrating web coding can be.
If this is indeed goodbye, good luck with all your future endeavors.

Machina said:
A nice sentiment VGP, but I don't think it'd change anything. Plenty of us have already let him know how we feel but he seems decided on not returning. In hindsight we should've created a curator/buffer between the community and Talon, but I didn't realise he was feeling disenchanted with the community until it was too late :(

I didn't always check out his topics on site updates, but the few times I did, I got the impression that he often dealt with non-constructive criticism.
Instead of comments like "This feature is causing an issue. Is there a way to fix/change it?" I saw a number of comments like "You're trying to force this on us." even after he said that he was in the process of fixing said issue.

I tried to tell people that poking a bear isn't wise but people can only think of the short term.

Talon, thanks for the work you did for the site while you were here and hopefully you change your mind after some time away.

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As we’ve discussed in those chats, Talon, I totally understand the feeling of being unappreciated or having people constantly at your throat. I’ve even had Moderators openly tell me they wouldn’t trade places with me, for example. When you’re someone who can seriously have an impact on functionality, people put you under an even deeper microscope.

That said, I have your back where needed. I enjoyed chasing down and eradicating some of those “folks”. Was good seeing the site return to some peace and quiet.

My advice to his critics: your issues are fair, but consider a change in delivery of the message. After all, we want improvements to continue and biting the hand that feeds is not really a good idea.


I think there was clearly issues from both sides, honestly. Lots of communication problems. I think we all wish it hadn't come to this. At the same time though, doing what makes you happy Talon should be #1 priority.

...I fixed the 'Friend Request' thing.

'night guys...

TalonMan said:
...I fixed the 'Friend Request' thing.

'night guys...

Thanks buddy. We’ll chat soon.


TalonMan said:

I do have some people I'm still connected with on discord (I believe even you and I are still connected, VGP) - so I was directed towards this thread for a response, and so here I am! And while I appreciate this - I think it's important that I clear the air on all of this as it's only fair to those that don't even know what's going on. But first:

I have never once responded to or wrote a single post on this website that could have put somebody on "edge" without that person having instigated it, themselves. Not once!


I would say, you yourself probably came the closest to getting an unwarranted snipe from me - but that's because I was in an obvious foul mood at the time (I made that very clear from my very first post in that thread, that I was not happy at the time), and it almost felt you were intentionally trolling me in that thread. That doesn't make it right, but we cleared the air, and all is fine (right??). Outside of that one instance though, every single time I've gone back at somebody it's because they posted some arrogant (or, more commonly, ignorant) nonsense, that deserved every ounce of my wrath in return. Hell, if this were 2008 I wouldn't have hesitated to just pull the trigger and ban most of those people right from the start - but I've tried to keep my restraint and allow the mods to be mods.

I would love it (and would absolutely capitulate the point), if somebody were to show me just a single, solitary instance of my attacking somebody without warrant - just ONE!!! You won't find it, because it's never happened. Plenty of people have come into a thread I've started or participated in to tell me something isn't working right - some of them have even posted downright angry posts, too! But, unless they were disrespectful, they always got my attention and (most importantly) my help in resolving. I can think of three (possibly four) individuals that I lashed out at - and every single time, it's because they decided to act like a jackass or attempt to talk down to me, and I just will not tolerate that. Ever. 


Look - the bottom line is I really shouldn't allow the very extreme minority of morons, ruin the website progress for the vast majority of the community that really are awesome. On the other hand, I do this shit professionally day in and day out - and I honestly don't feel as though I should have to stoop to a level and subject myself to these lower class of people. And that's exactly what it feels like I'm having to do, every time I need to deal with nonsensical and insulting posts like those.

I wouldn't allow a client speak to me like that in my professional job - so, should I actually put up with it while working voluntarily on a hobby website?!?!?! No freakin' way!! And especially not when I've been putting other projects on hold, so I could focus my efforts almost exclusively on this website - that's just bullshit, I'm sorry.

So - rather than continue to waste my time putting up with this garbage, I just feel like maybe it's time for a change in scenery (so to speak). It sucks that I've allowed a few shitty, smelly apples ruin it for the bunch, but that's just what happens sometimes. We're all human after all, and sometimes we need to make decisions that are in the best interest of ourselves - even if that means hurting everybody else in the process...  :(

Thank you for all your hard work you have put in this side. I appreciated it a lot! You will be strongly missed but I can totally understand your decision. 

All to best to your future endavors.