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Forums - Website Topics - Where do we go from here?

So, I see that Talon has left the site, and I assume with that the productivity and speed of changes/fixes that we were receiving. So, with us now essentially being back to where we were a few months ago, how do we move forward? Yes, things are better than they were then, but unfortunately now we don't have the sense of optimism and looking forward to the future of the site and its changes/fixes that we had before. I know that Trucks is still around, but unfortunately things are just not going to be done as quickly as they were before. So, what can we, as a community, do? There are some things we can help out with, for example maintaining threads and fostering a community, and possibly helping out if we are asked of it, but maybe what we need to do is gather together to let Talon know that we really do appreciate his fixes and that we want him to stay. I know that his responses can be rather hostile, and in fact I do think that he does need a better sense of PR However, I think we could maybe write some sort of thank-you letter or something that we used to do at school with our names and a little note to write until we have enough people that have written it, and then someone still in contact with Talon can send it to him. It may not work, but I think it's still worth trying at least, however I do think that if he were to come back that it would probably be better for there to be a mediator or someone who can filter what he says in a way that doesn't put everyone on edge.

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Hang on when did Talon leave?

Were was the big announcement that should have been sticked to the Forum Hot Topics for us all to see and wish him all the best?



The words are coming out all weird

No one knows what's going on besides the ones who spend their time on the discord servers. Why did talon leave?

A nice sentiment VGP, but I don't think it'd change anything. Plenty of us have already let him know how we feel but he seems decided on not returning. In hindsight we should've created a curator/buffer between the community and Talon, but I didn't realise he was feeling disenchanted with the community until it was too late :(

As for where we go now. Well, he did reassure me that if anything seriously breaks he would take a look at it and fix it if I ask him to, so there's an insurance policy of sorts there. So we don't need to worry about the site breaking in a major way and not being fixed.

But in terms of progressing the site and introducing new features and improvements - that's pretty much dead in the water now. Trucks does stuff in his own time here and there - and I'm very appreciative of all he does and has done, so I'm not taking anything away from him by saying this! - but it really was Talon's (over)commitment to spending so much of his free time improving the site that meant we were pushing out so many changes, new features, and bug fixes.

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Was it bitching?

I assume people can't even volunteer to take over. Being given access to the keys to the car as far as things go is something that few people are worthy of.

You are bound to love Earthbound.

Machina said:
A nice sentiment VGP, but I don't think it'd change anything. Plenty of us have already let him know how we feel but he seems decided on not returning. In hindsight we should've created a curator/buffer between the community and Talon, but I didn't realise he was feeling disenchanted with the community until it was too late :(

Ah, I see. To be honest, I was almost sure that this was going to happen sooner or later, this was something that was going on ever since he came back to be honest, it was really more of a matter of when rather than if, there were many instances of him having issues with the way users provided feedback (vivster, NATO, bananaking21, Rol, me, Ganoncrotch, etc.). As for this site/community, I'm wondering why we even bother staying, why remain on a site where the owner does jackshit when there are other forums that have ones who actually do a ton? With Talon gone and updates being much slower again I'm mainly staying for nostalgic/sentimental reasons and also because I've put my entire game collection on here so it'd be a huge pain having to re-add it elsewhere.

However, while things may be bleak, maybe all hope isn't lost, it may be possible that he'd be willing to have a curator/filter or such in order to prevent something like this, in fact I believe that Versus, Ryuu and I were originally brought on-board to do that essentially (as back then he was getting overwhelmed with all of the conflicting feedback and requests and wanted something more cohesive/organized). I don't know if he'd be willing to talk to me, and to be honest I am not really in a position to become the curator myself, but maybe he would be convinced by the idea.

Thats sad, I really liked Talon and most of all, appreciated what he did.But unfortunely, for better or worse, you need to have a tough skin to head or be an administrator in any capacity of an online forum.unlike real life, where there are real consequences for being a jerk and/or an idiot(you can punch the other guy, actually call names, etc.And if someone is really being unreasonable, ususally he will be unreasonable around people he knows, and that could have real effects on his life, which prevents people from being jerks), in the internet you can be as unreasonable or as trolololol as you want since the worst thing that can happen to you is for you to get banned from that place.But then you just go and find another one that serves more or less the same purpose.

Its sad, but unfortunely its the truth.Talon was, in my brief experience with him, a really sensible person and someone who is really easy to piss, which are horrible carachteristics for an admin.I do hope that someday he comes back, not only because everyone appreciates what he does, even the ones that say they dont, but because it would show to these same persons that he is better than them.Plus, given how easily infuriated he gets, would be an excellent training for real life situations.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

I do have some people I'm still connected with on discord (I believe even you and I are still connected, VGP) - so I was directed towards this thread for a response, and so here I am! And while I appreciate this - I think it's important that I clear the air on all of this as it's only fair to those that don't even know what's going on. But first:

I have never once responded to or wrote a single post on this website that could have put somebody on "edge" without that person having instigated it, themselves. Not once!


I would say, you yourself probably came the closest to getting an unwarranted snipe from me - but that's because I was in an obvious foul mood at the time (I made that very clear from my very first post in that thread, that I was not happy at the time), and it almost felt you were intentionally trolling me in that thread. That doesn't make it right, but we cleared the air, and all is fine (right??). Outside of that one instance though, every single time I've gone back at somebody it's because they posted some arrogant (or, more commonly, ignorant) nonsense, that deserved every ounce of my wrath in return. Hell, if this were 2008 I wouldn't have hesitated to just pull the trigger and ban most of those people right from the start - but I've tried to keep my restraint and allow the mods to be mods.

I would love it (and would absolutely capitulate the point), if somebody were to show me just a single, solitary instance of my attacking somebody without warrant - just ONE!!! You won't find it, because it's never happened. Plenty of people have come into a thread I've started or participated in to tell me something isn't working right - some of them have even posted downright angry posts, too! But, unless they were disrespectful, they always got my attention and (most importantly) my help in resolving. I can think of three (possibly four) individuals that I lashed out at - and every single time, it's because they decided to act like a jackass or attempt to talk down to me, and I just will not tolerate that. Ever. 


Look - the bottom line is I really shouldn't allow the very extreme minority of morons, ruin the website progress for the vast majority of the community that really are awesome. On the other hand, I do this shit professionally day in and day out - and I honestly don't feel as though I should have to stoop to a level and subject myself to these lower class of people. And that's exactly what it feels like I'm having to do, every time I need to deal with nonsensical and insulting posts like those.

I wouldn't allow a client speak to me like that in my professional job - so, should I actually put up with it while working voluntarily on a hobby website?!?!?! No freakin' way!! And especially not when I've been putting other projects on hold, so I could focus my efforts almost exclusively on this website - that's just bullshit, I'm sorry.

So - rather than continue to waste my time putting up with this garbage, I just feel like maybe it's time for a change in scenery (so to speak). It sucks that I've allowed a few shitty, smelly apples ruin it for the bunch, but that's just what happens sometimes. We're all human after all, and sometimes we need to make decisions that are in the best interest of ourselves - even if that means hurting everybody else in the process...  :(