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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Your pickups from this E3 ?

1. RE2 and KH3 (tie) Heavily looking forward to these two.
2. Shadow of the Tomb Raider
3. SSB Ultimate

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1: Forza Horizon 4. Hands down the best game to come this year.
2: Cyberpunk 2077. I really want to try this, CD Project really makes some solid premium single player titles. A high budget title like this all for myself is worth every penny.
3: Fallout 76. I really love my Fallout, played a lot of it. Wouldn't mind giving this a try, the world looks like it is going to be fun to explore with friends.

Even tho Sony and Nintendo were disappointments to me, Microsoft had an amazing E3 (not just exclusives wise). They showcased all the good games this year 100%.

Resident Evil 2
Fire Emblem Three Houses

And Fortnite is addictive.

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The Last of Us 2
Fallout 76
Resident Evil 2


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Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Overcooked 2
Super Mario Party

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1. Resident Evil 2
2. Cyberpunk 2077
3. Smash Ultimate

Not really in a playing mood at the moment so... none! There is a lot to be excited about though.

Just 3? This is going to be hard, but let's go:

1- Spiderman

2- Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

3- Devil May Cry 5

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I've honestly only seen the footage for Fallout 76, from E3. I'm on the fence about that, as i usually get bored with online gaming.

1 - The Last of Us Part 2

2 - Kingdom Hearts 3

3 - Cyberpunk 2077

Also, I hope Skull & Bones flops. It's not right to sink portuguese ships.