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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Your pickups from this E3 ?

Well, the most excited I' definitely about Fire Emblem, Ghosts of Tsushima and Smash. These look certainly pretty great.

Octopath traveler looked already great before and this trailer did not change anything and it is still preordered.

Wasteland 2 on Switch has me pretty excited and I'll surely pick it up.

Skulls and Bones is a bit difficult for me. As last year Ubisoft started with pirate game I thought fuck yeah. Then they show a boring multiplayer battle and it seems the game is only multiplayer and my interest evaporated. This year it seems like it might have single player, and my interest is rekindled. I would like it, if the game has a campaign, in which you slowly build your pirate fleet, that would be awesome.

I should be excited for Beyond Good and Evil, but the game looks like a million years in the future, I just can't get excited so long beforehand.

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Ghosts of Tsushima
The Last of Us - part 2
Kingdom Hearts 3

Definately getting Spider-Man and Spyro

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Elder Scrolls VI, and Daemon X Machina.

Starlink and Last of Us II look great. Two games I really wanted to see, Metroid Prime 4 and core Pokemon, didn't make an appearance at all.

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Well, there's definitely way more than 3 that are easy pick ups for me. Top 3 I'm most excited about, right now, are…..

1. Cyberpunk - As far as I'm concerned, CDPR are the best in the business, so until they give me reason to change my mind, everything they do is day 1.

2. Anthem - So far, nobody has quite nailed the shared world shooter. Certainly not at release. Hopefully, Bioware can be the first.

3. Rage 2 - I could put a lot of games in this third spot, but I'll give it to Rage, simply because I'm surprised by how great this game looks. I wasn't into the first one at all, and when it leaked they were doing a sequel, my reaction was basically "whatever." Since then, I've pretty much done a full 180 on this game. The gameplay looks fantastic, the environments seem varied, and visually interesting….a far cry from the drab multiple shades of brown the original had going. The whole package just looks like a good time.

Honorable mentions to:
Gear 5, Forza Horizon 4, Shadows Die Twice, Metro Exodus, Division 2, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Halo Infinite, Beyond Good and Evil 2, DMC 5, Shadow of the Tomb Raider....idk, I'm probably forgetting something. Those are top of my head though

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Assassin Creed Odyssey - I was expecting just another Assassin Creed game in a setting a couldn't care for and really no choice of gender again (that I could play the full game as at least). But ... we got a game in one of my most wanted settings, a full blown RPG with a female protag (that i can play the full game as) the most excited I've ever been for an Assassin Creed game.

Nioh 2 - I found the first game to be pretty great, but my biggest problem was William, I honestly didn't find him interesting as a character and after beating the game just didn't go back. I would have loved a character creation, I dislike playing forced males in RPGs (I've always wanted character creation + fuedal Japan era) and that's exactly what Nioh 2 is delivering (confirmed to have character creation) so I absolutely cannot wait for this one.

Cyberpunk: 2077 - Probably going to be the most ambitious RPG this gen, being First Person doesn't bother me to much, character creation is confirmed so that's even better. This one could easily go down at one of the greatest games in the last decade if they do it right.

Honourable mention would have to be Control (I was debating putting it at my number 3 spot) I like Remedy games for the most part and even for all its flaws I enjoyed Quatum Break. This looks pretty much like a spiritual successor to QB with a female lead, and for that ... it fully has my attention.

Was a strong E3 for female protags this year and that for me is great.

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1. Ghost of tsushima.
3. KH III.

After the last day of E3 tommorow, I'll try to compile your answers into a ranking bracket ^^ (Also a shameless bump)

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Nintendo showed me jack shit. Sony showed me exploited lesbianism so... I guess it's only Microsoft this time around for me with Halo Infinite. Really disappointing E3 all around.