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Well, the most excited I' definitely about Fire Emblem, Ghosts of Tsushima and Smash. These look certainly pretty great.

Octopath traveler looked already great before and this trailer did not change anything and it is still preordered.

Wasteland 2 on Switch has me pretty excited and I'll surely pick it up.

Skulls and Bones is a bit difficult for me. As last year Ubisoft started with pirate game I thought fuck yeah. Then they show a boring multiplayer battle and it seems the game is only multiplayer and my interest evaporated. This year it seems like it might have single player, and my interest is rekindled. I would like it, if the game has a campaign, in which you slowly build your pirate fleet, that would be awesome.

I should be excited for Beyond Good and Evil, but the game looks like a million years in the future, I just can't get excited so long beforehand.

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