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    What is your favorite console per generation?

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 May 2020

    5th generation was PS1, 6th Generation was PS2, 7th was PS3 and 8th PS4 without a doubt. ...

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    New Staff Writers Wanted [Applications Now Closed]

    in Website Topics on 24 July 2019

    i'll apply as a veteran though... ...

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    Very important info for those of you that want to marry someday.

    in Politics Discussion on 29 April 2019

    John2290 said: Pussy comes at a cost, wheter you lay for it directly or not. This is known. What surprises me is that people are surprised by this. Aced it. Why just one flower in a garden?...

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    FromSoftware's Next Game Could be Its Most Ambitious Yet !

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 March 2019

    These games are so challenging. I bought Sekiro(after beating Bloodborne) and did a gameplay until armored warrior. In this boss battle not only you should focus on the refined skills but make sure the fight happens at a particular spot for the deathblow. I personally didn't like the way it's challenge was designed. And it's learning curve is both annoying and time consuming. 10 years back...I'd...

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    PS4 exclusives should get a 4K 60 with high resolution assets update next gen Update: Confirmed

    in Sony Discussion on 05 January 2019

    Oh damn..can't wait to play God of War(sans checkerboard pattern) in 4k 60 and once again in Give me God of War to Sigrun defeat....

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    My gotg

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 December 2018

    ratolmc said: In a generation with the likes of Red Dead 2, Zelda BOTW, Bloodborne, God of War, Persona 5, Mario Odyssey, and Uncharted 4 only one game reigns supreme. Witcher 3 I sadly would differ with this one. I wished I ever got myself to play Witcher 3.  Even after buying it and installing it, I failed to sit through it. Bloodborne and GoW  shares the spot followed...

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    What's the point in having children?

    in General Discussion on 27 December 2018

    Imagine in your old age you are screwed with syncope, lighheadedness, fatigue and you wished someone helped you out if not for siblings or partner who is no more....the very thought of being alone can wreak havoc upon one's stability to the core. Either having them under commune or family might mean something. I have always been thinking of this being single yet and trying to outwit hormones...

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    Global Hardware 24 November 2018

    in Sales Discussion on 18 December 2018

    Nate4Drake said: Alby_da_Wolf said: Great boost WoW and YoY for NS, both in USA and WW. XBOne has a decent YoY boost and obviously an excellent WoW one, and it's second again in USA, but it's not enough to keep the second place WW it had last year, this year NS is too strong. PS4 has a small drop YoY WW, but a small boost YoY in USA and it's still first WW by a large margin, but...

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    Sony Quarterly Results (July-Sep) 2018, PS4: 3.9M (LTD: 86.1M). Year Ending Sales Revised Upward to 17.5M

    in Sales Discussion on 25 November 2018

    I was just waiting for this date since Ps3 ended its run on a bumpy road last generation....

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    Fallout 76 Review Thread - Opencritic: 55, Metacritic 50

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 November 2018

    KLXVER said: HintHRO said: Game critics always get a game from the developer/publisher so they can play it and review it just before the release. This is the case with almost every game out there. Bethesda is probably well aware of the game's issues and knows it will score bad, which may influence sales.  Its an online only game. Cant really review it before the...

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    Why sony is leaving e3 in my opinion

    in Sony Discussion on 17 November 2018

    Azzanation said: TranceformerFX said: Alot of people are making the assumption that since Sony isn't appearing for E3 in 2019, it means that they'll instead announce the PS5. In reality - it's the exact opposite. Sony isn't appearing at E3 because they're not going to announce the PS5. The gaming media is inconveniently putting Sony in a bad position by hyping up the "imminent...

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    What will sell better on PS4: God of War or Spider-Man?

    in Sony Discussion on 17 September 2018

    spiderman has topped UK beating SOTR (PS4+XO). So I think the numbers are really going to exceed well beyond the 5 million mark in the long run....

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    Forza Horizon 4 Demo available now

    in Microsoft Discussion on 17 September 2018

    Thankfully PC is my haven to go to this time. I'm trying it today.,...

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    Henry Cavill Quits The Superman Role

    in Movies Discussion on 12 September 2018

    Signalstar said: Superman sucks. I have never seen a single movie with the character (other than the Lego Movies) . He is so boring and uninteresting. The DCEU is a disaster. I promised I would not watch any of their movies but I saw Wonder Woman because I wanted to support female directors and superheroes. Didn't like. They should burn down the whole studio and start over.   I...

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    Sony Exclusives Attacked For Being Downgraded

    in Sony Discussion on 11 September 2018

    Zones said: It's an act of pure desperation. Basically the anti-Sony camp desperately clings into the slightest bit of potential Sony misfire and they make it seem like this colossal 'concern' for Sony and PS4. We saw it with the lack of DLNA early on, then it was the lack of 4K Blu-ray drive on PS4 Pro, and now it's the consistent and annoying cross-play nonsense turned into this massive...

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    Prediction: Spiderman & PS4 Sales Figures in the USA (for September)

    in Sales Discussion on 10 September 2018

    anyone wonder how puddles evaporated quickly as now we have Marvel's Spiderman as the fastest selling console game of the year.......

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    Assassinís Creed Odyssey System Requirements

    in PC Discussion on 09 September 2018

    Let me know if it supports SLI..the most important thing for me...

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    What's your opinion of Spider-man so far?

    in Sony Discussion on 09 September 2018

    I'm seriously loving it! never had a blast so far to this level...some of the sneaky style gives those Arkham City vibe......

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    Prediction: Spiderman & PS4 Sales Figures in the USA (for September)

    in Sales Discussion on 07 September 2018

    I've been playing since morning and it's been a helluva blast. Way to go Sony.......

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    Spiderman PS4 Review Thread - Currently 87 Metacritic (97 Reviews)

    in Sony Discussion on 04 September 2018

    I'm going for 91 now after seeing the scores....

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