Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendos 2018 Line up is pretty boring for me, so far

I'm mad because I may end buying Dark Souls, Octopath Traveller and Okami HD. Those are 3 more games than I forecasted buying in H1 2018.

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I mean, we all have different taste in mind when it comes to games. I'm hyped for Kirby, South Park, Mario Tennis and Octopath Traveler. A nice bunch of games until July and E3.

And I didn't even played Captain Toad on the WiiU, so I might get it now.

It's ok if you don't feel that way.

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It's ok for you to be disappointed. But isn't it like the 5th time you speak about it?

I don't get the need some people have to turn their opinion into a thread. But I understand you must be disillusioned. Though Nintendo is trying really hard to give diversity, and quantity.

2018 looking great for me. Over 20+ games preordered for Switch alone

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i know a great movie you would like groundhog day

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I do have a similar opinion: The only game from the last Direct that I will surely buy is Octopath Traveler. But it is my issue since I dont like 2D plattformers nor fighting games.

kirby007 said:
i know a great movie you would like groundhog day

That is truly a great movie. 

Eh, different people, different tastes.

kirby007 said:
i know a great movie you would like groundhog day

Comparing Nintendo's 2018 line up with 2014, it looks like it's going to be a groundhog year.

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