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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendos 2018 Line up is pretty boring for me, so far

Taking things into perspective, the year isn't too bad, especially compared to the Wii U days when after launch, not many games came out and the most notable ones would be Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101, and LEGO City Undercover, many months later. And its tough to tell if the early days of the PS4 and Xbone were THAT much better compared to Switch. While there were decent ports and original games, there were also big disappointments.

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Platina said:

The Switch is probably not for you

Hm... maybe you could have been a good mod, after all. Just in different ways than the conventional ones.

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Pagan said:

It looks like i am the only person on the planet who not only dislikes smash but really hates it.


...What did Smash ever do to you?

Well, this is new.


I don’t like Smash either, to be honest. I played the crap out of it on N64, and was all Smashed out by the time Melee came around. The single player (Subspace Emmisary or something) campaign with the story was interesting though. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem they have brought that mode back in the last couple of releases, and so I had very little interest in the franchise ever since, except for Link vs Cloud - I enjoyed that. But otherwise, I find Smash to not be my kind of game at all; same with Splatoon, couldn’t get into it. I DID, however, really enjoy Arms; a similar style game, but that’s more the exception to the rule.

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As someone who's hoping to have enough time to justify getting a Switch in a year or two, I have to agree. It's not looking too great at the moment, but then again, I haven't been too impressed with other consoles' early years either. I still think PS4 isn't all that great either.

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That direct is not the only games they will have this year


For everyone refering to an older post of me. I have still my Pc and my Switch. But i am waiting just until E3. Ps4 xbox sold.

Kai_Mao said:
DélioPT said:
There are a few games i'll be buying this year: Yoshi, Hyrule Warriors and Captain Toad (didn't get them on Wii U) and probably Mario Aces.

As others have said, personal tastes aside, this really is a bad year, even if we don't compare it to 2017.
The only major game that 2018 has, so far, is Smash. That's it.

And you can always say that we don't know the full line-up for the second half - which is true - but i am left wondering why did they reveal Smash so soon (E3 is 3 months away). It's a huge game for them; a true system seller. Didn't they have anything else, even if not as big, to show in March, for the last quarter, instead of Smash?

I don't know if we can say this is a bad year, even with personal tastes aside. A lot of these ports are games that fans haven't played before because it was on Wii U or it was on other consoles and its a good opportunity to port them and showcase the portability factor with the Switch. Not saying its a legendary year, but its hard to say its a bad year at this time.

2018 has Kirby, Yoshi, Smash Bros., Mario Tennis Aces, and Labo so far in terms of first party titles (or concepts with Labo in mind). Then you have Fire Emblem confirmed for 2018 and potentially Pokemon. And its not unprecedented that Smash and Pokemon could release in the same year as ORAS and Smash Wii U released on the same day in NA, albeit on different consoles.

As for why Smash was announced, tough to tell. Nintendo will announce games when they're ready to show them or tease them.

But that could be said for every single game: there's always people who haven't played it.
Portability might give them a second life, but it's still ports and more ports... and Indies.

Honestly, so far, it's a bad year.
This is pretty much what people expect for the first year, not the second.

Kirby, Yoshi and Mario Tennis are all smaller franchises. And Labo, well, it really doesn't add anything of value for people who already own a Switch.

Pokémon might come, but that's a big "if".
It will depend on what kind of Pokémon game we are getting. If they are going for a new game and full HD, i really doubt they can pull it off.
Don't forget that they have had no meaningful experience in HD development. And if it took Nintendo 3 years to develop  New Super Mario Bros U... who knows when they can get that game out. Again, it will depend on what type of game we'll get.

Even if Pokémon and Smash release in 2018, that will most likely happen in the last 4-3 months. To me, that's not a good schedule planning.


Now that you mention it, they could have actually shown footage for Fire Emblem or Pokémon.
I don't want to jump to conclusions, but teasing Smash before showing footage of two big names, is not irrelevante. 
But... wait and see. 

Nintendo can redeem themselves with some good stuff towards the end of the year. There’s enough to keep me satisfied for the next few months. I don’t expect anything too remarkable til closer to Christmas (admittedly not too thrilled about smash myself...don’t have anything against but past experience has shown if I purchase it I doubt I’ll play it much) so hopefully some announcements come later (e3)...everyone’s different and to me the yoshi game will potentially be one of the years highlights...I’m probably anticipating yoshi the same way some people anticipate smash...I feel like if just one more big first party game gets a release date for towards the end of the year and I’ll be happy so here’s’s still pretty early in the year after all.

Pagan said:
For everyone refering to an older post of me. I have still my Pc and my Switch. But i am waiting just until E3. Ps4 xbox sold.

"I just sold all of my consoles. I am console free now. Thought of holding the switch but nah."


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