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Not every game is gonna appeal to everyone. I don’t think this is a foreign concept. It applies to PS4, PC, Xbone, and other consoles in a given year. I think Nintendo is fine for now. Third parties are mostly playing catch up and I doubt they’re putting more developers into creating original games until later on in the Switch’s life (outside of a particular few). And Nintendo and its subsidiary teams/partners are already hard at work with other projects.

Here’s what we know from Nintendo and it’s teams/partners for this year and beyond:
Super Smash Bros.
Bayonetta 3 (developed by Platinum Games)
Metroid Prime 4 (presumably co-developed with Bandai Namco)
Pikmin 4 (presumably)
Fire Emblem
Mario Tennis Aces
Kirby Star Allies

That’s a pretty good amount of games being developed (or in Kirby’s case, completed) under Nintendo’s umbrella whether you care for them or not.