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Forums - Sony Discussion - Days Gone delayed to 2019

epicurean said:
I hope this means TLOU2 is coming this year. I'm holding out hope! Would seem odd for both of those to release close to each other.

I HIGHLY doubt that.

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Seems like a tactical decision. Releasing too close to RDR2 would be suicide.

I usually would have been pissed off at such delay, but this is one of those rare occasion that I m glad it happened my wallet just couldnt handle the amount of money i m going to spend this year on games. And i also think this is strategic move coz IMO the only months left for sony to release this NEW IP was fall and considering RDR and imminent BLOP4 and battlefield 5 I think sony will continue not releasing the game in fall as it didn't turn out good for the last guardian which was delayed to December.

estebxx said:
So in terms of "big" releases it would be something like this

2018: Detroit, God of War, Spiderman

2019: TLOU 2, Days Gone, Ghost of Tsushima

2020: Death Stranding, FF7R (if they ever release...)

What big games am i forgetting?

I'm pretty sure Kojima said that Death Stranding's target release was 2019. Remember that he got to use the Decima Engine from Guerilla Games. So although he was starting up a game studio from scratch, his starting point was a fully realized (and incredible I might add) game engine with extremely robust and easy-to-use developer tools. That saves a LOT of time, and essentially means his team could go right into "actual" game production.

Errorist76 said:
Seems like a tactical decision. Releasing too close to RDR2 would be suicide.

I think this and maybe Spider-Man might be the reasons. All three are giant, 80+ hour open-world games that suck down a lot of your time. Releasing all three in the Fall might not be good, especially with 2 of them being  your own first-party exclusives. I am thinking Sony will get Spider-Man out in Sep. if it is actually done by then, otherwise push it to a Dec. release to coincide somewhat with Sony's animated movie release then (and give RDR2 a little breathing room).

I am betting on Days Gone being Sony's early 2019 big release. Think Horizon's success from Feb. 2017. And then Last of Us Part 2 can release in fall 2019.

Well that sucks. It was going to be the only game of the year with zombie bears in

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Expected after that video earlier this year.

Hynad said:
Landguy said:
Funny how the apologists are out in force. It's "OK" when Sony delays a game, because "it will be better" or "the schedule is full".

Anybody else who delays their games, its the end of the world and they should just get out of the business.

When did that happen? Give examples. 

I think your editing out my last comment out of this proves your angle here.  I think that if you think it is usual that people don't complain about a game delay, I think it is you that should scour the threads of each game delay and prove me wrong.  I doubt that you can find one where the comments don't quickly devolve into people attacking the brand/publisher (with the exception of this thread up to where I commented).

It is near the end of the end....

I didn't realize it had a date yet.

Looking forward to Detroit and God of War for 2018, hope Days Gone comes out by May 2019.

They saw State Of Decay 2 gameplay and how everybody saying how much better it looks.

Well... given the lack of info and footage from recent months i was actually worried Sony was gonna close the studio.

I could tell that there were development hurdles, but i hope it all ends well. On the other hand, this will have it land closer to The last of Us 2, and that's not a good thing.