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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Video: Bayonetta 3 is more important for sales than Pokemon Switch

Bayonetta needs every sale it can get. Come on now pokemon still sells like crack whenever one releases no matter what game it is. Just look at the sales on this website compared to Bayonetta. I loved Bayonetta 1 and 2 I guess it's time to buy a switch soon bruh

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Just no, I'm not for a moment suggesting that Bayo 3 isn't an important game, but really to Nintendo Pokemon is up there or above Mario on popularity.

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I really don’t understand why Nintendo wastes money on this bad franchise. I will never buy this. A new Ninja Gaiden would be so much better.

From the title of the thread, I'd agree. Pokemon we already know will sell like ''the chosen one'' of gaming. Bayo 3 is important to prove that its still viable for Nintendo to keep funding these types of games for exclusivity. Long run I see Bayo 3 sales meaning more as a whole

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Bayonetta 3 could sell two million copies and as many Switch units.

Won't trump Pokemon, which will sell 10+ million copies and nearly as many Switch consoles.

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KrspaceT said:

The gist of this guy's idea is that Pokemon players come to buy for Pokemon, while a Bayonetta player will buy other games like it. 

...I feel as if that were the case, we'd have evidence of Bayonetta fans buying a lot of Dante or Wonderful 101, which I have never heard evidence of. Plus the idea that Pokemon buyers will only buy Pokemon is a tad odd. 

I mean even as a kid, I got non-Pokemon games on my handhelds. I buy other games for my little sisters's 3DS and she had bought other titles, like Poocy and Yoshi's Whooly World. And I see little reason why Pokemon fans would not bleed over into, say, Mario Kart or such. 

Sure they might not help the sales of Awakening or Link Between Worlds, but the point seems weak. 

Well, even if the bolded is the case, that's one million Bayonetta-fans that buy the system ($300) and Bayonetta+4 other games each at $60 (so another $300). That adds up to 600 million $ overall. While 10 million Pokemon-buyers get the system and only Pokemon (let's say overall $350), which adds up to 3.5 billion $.

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Uh, no.  Bayonetta wasn't even that big of a seller when it was originally released on the PS360.  It's LTD sales across both platforms (with a combined install base of over 170m WW) is a little over 2 mil, and Bayo 2 on Wii U did less than half that at 850k.

The Switch's larger install base and the fact that a good chunk of its audience skews older than recent Nintendo consoles is much more important for Bayo 3 sales than Bayo 3 sales are for the Switch.  Pokemon shouldn't even be brought up in this conversation because the vast majority of the console sales it drives are from parents who typically buy their kids Nintendo consoles or handhelds for Pokemon, Mario, and not much else.  Bayonetta is the last game they'll be buying.

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You know I was always wondering why no one ever used the dollar sign for $ony, but then I realized they have no money so it would be pointless.

Honestly not any different from CoD or AC or FIFA or BF etc etc etc

And no, Bayo3 is cool but it's a drop in the lake in terms of importance. Unless the 3rd game blows up sales wise.

Let's get real, Bayo's fate isn't as much important than a mastodon such as Pokémon. Unless the game goes out selling more than 2-3 million which would be a freaking blast !

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Bayonetta 2 did nothing for Wii U sales, even in Japan. Meanwhile, every Pokemon game gave the system it was on a big sales boost. Therefore, we can reasonably assume that Bayo 3 will not be a significant system-seller, whereas the first Pokemon Gen VIII game(s) will push a lot of hardware.