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Forums - Sales Discussion - PS4 Won November NPD ( PS4 1.54M, XBO 1.4M, NSW 770K)

OK. I got it wrong. Oh well.

The "old" PS4 held off the new kids on the block.

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160rmf said:
quickrick said:

stock wasn't a issue for November for switch. try harder.

Lemme guess... You saw selling at a store near you?

no all major retailers had them in stock online in november, only amazon had supply issues, best buy, walmart, target, and gamestop, always had them online for sale, while your source is tales from my ass.

that's very surprising all round

i'm surprised that PS4 and Xbox One are that high. I'm surprised PS4>X1 when they had the same deals effectively on BF and MS had months of X preorders to start the month with (can't imagine MS are too happy about still being beat). And I'm surprised Switch is that far behind, it seemed to be doing so well based off of Amazon

Sh1nn said:
kurasakiichimaruALT said:

The source is just a poster who can't upload the report so let's not rush yet. Maybe put a rumor for this thread since there is no viable source yet like gameindustry or gamebiz that he provided.

It's not a rumor it's a PR from Mizuho Securities


Nautilus said: 
Congrats to everyone.Sony and MS did great due to the great deals that were offered, and Switch seems to still be limited to how much stock Nintendo is able to offer, would be my best guess.

Overall, incredible numbers for everyone.

There was no problem with Switch stock. PS4 on the other hand could probably do 2M if $199 was still in stock.

Ofcourse but without an official source for the PR then it is still a rumour.

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That is amazing numbers for the PS4, goes to show the power of discount + great library can beat even something that is hot as switch.


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Omg they lost even in the US. Nintendo is embarrassing itself.

NPD tracking ended on the 25th. Amazon had PS4 ahead of XB1 and Switch. So they're on point actually.

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For those that are saying the Switch was affected by stock shortages, I really don't think so, in my area at least I could walk into any store until present date and see Switches in stock. I just think they got outsold by some great sales.

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The dream is over guys. Switch lost for a way cheaper console and a new hd release.
It was always a fad after all



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