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Hard disagree the battles system is fine as the sheer dps from having seven characters not only offsets auto attack nerfs it flat out makes it a non issue, repositioning your characters is still a factor in XBC in fact it has significant effect on the outcome especially for certain classes such as the first hero class it just has other layers to go with it that can work fine in different styles of approach to that. On fusion arts you sure you are not likely wasting them as the tutorial for it does a poor job and sets people up to waste them, it doesn't explain the depth in pairing arts and their effects for example on a defender character an art that increases aggro should be paired with and AOE type art or stacking effects like knock back and blowdown. Music is an individual case tbh I've found it to be about even with the prior games.

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Ooooh I wrote my early thoughts a moment ago but I deleted it all by snuffin' accident ...

Sparks it all !

Quick summary, world is good, characters and story has been going well, music tracks are a mixed bag (love the battle tracks, field/town/emotional tracks aren't up to par with XC2). Combat mechanics are good but I fear the chain attack system will run it's course way before the end of the game. Ouroboros seem only useful for fights where you can set up a good interlink level, meaning it's unused or useless most of the time.

Everything here I said could change though ...

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My bullshit meter is registering a 10 with this one.

Nintendo teases new F-Zero on Switch

Why nobody here is talking about the new Pokemon presents?

I liked what they've showed about Scarlet and Violet, considering to buy it if reviews are good

Pokémon will be huge af. I think it looks significantly more interesting than Sw/Sh and also visually better.

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Pokemon seems to be going in a bold new direction. Not only does the order of Gyms you fight not matter here, but the new Legendaries are available from the start?!

SV are going to steamroll the holiday period tbh the new info was good, the coop feature is going to be huge for the game and series.

I wish Nintendo showed the sales figures for Metroid Dread in their financial results meeting. I just want to see it hit that 3 million sold mark

Kakadu18 said:

Pokémon will be huge af. I think it looks significantly more interesting than Sw/Sh and also visually better.

Because negative bias. People are more enclined to speak loudly about their dislikes.

But in the end, the show was good, the trailer piqued many interests. 

I can finally be happy to experience a new Pokemon game since Sun/Moon first released on 3DS haha.

Though, for now, it's Xeno-time !

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Thank goodness Nintendo finally made the cars move in Coconut Mall! A little more extreme than I remember lol