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           Welcome to the official Nintendo thread, otherwise known as Club Nintendo! This thread is for all things Nintendo: Switch, 3DS, mobile games, or otherwise. Feel free to chat about the latest games, post the latest news, or organize an online play session with our other members! Anyone willing to volunteer their help is welcomed! If you have any questions, concerns or recommendations about the changes feel free to respond. Also feel free to join us in the Nintendo channel at the Official VGC Discord Server!


Post 1 - Latest News & eShop Charts

Post 2 - Latest Games, Upcoming Games, User Reviews

Post 3 - Tournaments, Friend Codes

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US eShop Standings. Updates Saturdays Every Week (Updated as of: 12/8/2022)

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Collected reviews from users and staff of VGChartz.


Super Mario 64 - Dulfite

Yoku's Island Express - Darwinianevolution

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - Finale

Mario no Super Picross - dmillos


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Under Construction...


If you want your Switch Friend Code added, just ask in the thread!

Username Switch FC
Acevil 0194-4214-5242
Cloudman 8406-7840-3452
Cubedramirez 5584-7699-6287
cycycychris 4776-7374-6594
Darwinianevolution 6643-8347-2601
Eagle367 8521-4251-804
derpysquirtle64 6778-8451-0305
Finale 3567-9433-2602
forest-spirit 5328-3188-2214
Fragile 2450-2339-3522
Hynad 3519-6016-4122
John19 7742-0238-8897
Marth 0412-2590-8823
Melbye 6700-1526-7903
Mike321 5767-5981-4000
NobleTeam360 4299-0593-4699
Raven 0519-8795-5390
Ryuu96 3627-6545-1015
segamaniaco 0979-5429-2091
SkyerIst_Huiesos 4270-1889-2005
strider9981 4075-9631-2912
super_etecoon 2390-8226-3819
thetonestarr 5120-1900-6153
Ultrashroomz 0731-6937-5596
uran10 2328-5563-4997
Veknoid_Outcast 3446-8211-9133
Versus_Evil 2815-3762-8987
WoodenPints 7938-9367-7572
zygote 4566-2645-6985
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The Official Legend of Zelda Thread

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Hurray, here we are to a new thread

NintenDomination [May 2015 - July 2017]

  - Official  VGChartz Tutorial Thread - 

NintenDomination [2015/05/19 - 2017/07/02]




Here lies the hidden threads. 

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Nintendo Metascore | Official NintenDomination | VGC Tutorial Thread

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[3DS] Winter Playtimes [Wii U]

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Gj bruh


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Congrats Raven!! By the way, the link you gave in Nintendomination is a bit messed up.

Thread looks great! Great name too

Nice work on thread

Oh and tag