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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo is committing a lot of the same lethal mistakes they did with the WiiU, and more.

Let's cut to the chase.

People who hate or feel threatened by Nintendo will do mental gymnastics to justify or predict the failure of Switch.

Nintendo apologists will do mental gymnastics to justify the viability of the Switch.

What matters are the millions of people in between, who want to play Nintendo games but are unwilling to pay a premium price for Nintendo hardware.

So if Nintendo nails the price, advertises the product, and supports it with lots and lots of attractive first-party titles, the Switch will be fine. Everything else is white noise.

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Mummelmann said:
Nautilus said:
Most of your complaints can be basically traced back to one simple point:Its a teaser trailer.Its not meant to be a full reveal or what not.Its just to get the name out there and get people aware of it.Now, wether Nintendo should release snipets of information through the holidays to then finally instead have the reveal in January instead of just holding all back is debetable, but saying that Nintendo is doing the same mistakes is plain wrong.And for all we know, this mystery around the Switch has been working so far, people have been talking nonstop about it, either in a positive light or negative, such as your post.

So, let me get this straight; OP cannot possibly use a 3 minute trailer to make his points but you can make an OP predicting 100 million or more lifetime sales based on the exact same info. Explain to me how that works, exactly.

Hey, I never said he cant have a conclusiob out of the teaser or even criticize.Anyone here have the right to do it.But just as he has the right to go on to my thread and say I am insane, that I am wrong and list his reasons, I believe I have the same right.I personally think he is wrong and I wrote it as so.There is no censorship here.

But I personally believe that my prediction was base more on concrete facts that we know or have a better knowledge of.I did mention all the things that still to be confirmed, and did say here and there what I hoped would be in or out, but my main three points were based on things that are already out there, and backed up by facts and data.This thread of his is more based on things we dont even know for sure or outright rumors and taken as a fact.And I personally believe that is much more open for criticism.

So all in all, he can write whatever he wants, but I have the right to say my piece, just as he has the right to say if my opinion is good or bad.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

freebs2 said:
FunFan said:

Yeah, pretty much




Just give me the first party titles - don't care for anything else switch wise.


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Faelco said:
Stefan.De.Machtige said:

A nice, slick and well marketed machine                                                                -> Done

We don't know anything yet about the console and almost all of the threads or articles about it are asking questions about what it really is/does (handheld? tablet? home console? hybrid?). Its not what I call "well marketed" when noone knows anything (or almost anything) about your product. It barely made the news : 30 seconds at the end of the TV news in France saying basically "Nintendo announced its next hybrid console, coming in March, no more information at this point", and the newspaper with a video game section I've read the next day were talking about games like Persona 5 (which will be at the Paris Games Week) and not one word about the Switch (I saw some other newspapers had an article about it, but once again, the minimal stuff). I've seen more PS4 ads this week with the Champions Leagues games than Switch's. Well, there are no Switch ads, so it's not that hard ^^.

Stefan.De.Machtige said:

Unified library/concept and preventing internal competition or droughts      -> Done

They said, several times, that the Switch is a home console and that the 3DS will keep getting games and should have a proper successor (maybe still undecided about it). Nothing has been said about an unified library or concept and this kind of declaration says otherwise. 

Stefan.De.Machtige said:

Minimal 3rd party support (from Japan)                                                                -> Done

The Wii U already had some Japanese 3rd party support, at least at the beginning. The Switch trailer shows exactly 0 Japanese 3rd party game. The only Japanese 3rd party game we know about is Dragon Quest 11, also available on 3DS (which contradict the second point). We even saw more Western 3rd party games than Japanese ones so far. So the Japanese 3rd party support is still a question as unanswered as the other ones. 


Your 3 "solved problems" only look like "still unanswered questions" at best if I'm not missing new information...

1. I was talking about it not being a purple lunchbox or something clearly defined as for younger audiences. I meant that it looks good while the Wii U was meh and a more confusing concept to sell.

And that one NS trailer was already better marketing then any Wii U trailer i saw. So the NS marketing has already won over the Wii U's one. There were rumors Nintendo revamped their markering department, and those appears to be very true. Thank God .

It's clear from the trailer alone, that Nintendo now has a good looking device and a clear matured marketing strategy. Which Wii U certainly lacked and 3DS was okay/good on.


Come on, that's just PR because the 3DS needs to get through it's last big holiday season. They said the same things about the DS remember. Hell, they even denied launching a XL version like a month before announcing it :p.

Nintendo consolidated it's HH and HC for this reason. To make the switch. And it talked a lot about unifying software and hardware in the past. A NS lite version may happen but it will still be a NS. NS is it and Nintendo had little choice but to build one main device.


Do i really need to explain that the Japanese support will jump on the NS like crazy? Sony won't be competing again on HH and Japan is now mainly HH or mobile. And the NS can appeal to both of those markets. That's the whole point of it. It's designed to win over Japan. It will have great support unless Nintendo is caught insulting the emperor or something.

Oh, the Wii U did not have good japanese support. Even the 3DS had just good support. The Vita was able to lure away a decent number of it.

By the way, I did use the word "mostly" solved in earlier comment, but the above points are supported by good indications and reasons.

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Wasn't the initial PS4 reveal them showing off the new controller to us for an hour?

Good price, good marketing and good games are what's going to sell the system. Period.

Anyway, Veknoid pretty much expressed what I had on my mind.

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Exactly. And I don't know why but there are so many users on this site who are very ignorant when you criticize the Nintendo Switch (I don't want to be offensive against any user on this site wth this post).

Too many people worrying for Nintendo. Stop worrying guys, you're going to get miserable!

I will help you with one thing. You rightly criticize the WiiU of including features people didn't ask for. You're forgetting one thing: the switch is getting twice the library, and is actually portable (you can take it out of your house).

It's what the U should have been.

I hope that reassures you brother.


@Stefan de Mastige: "It's designed to win over Japan. It will have great support unless Nintendo is caught insulting the emperor or something."

Pure gold bro.

I agree with some of the points in this post. I wish I had the time to address it fully, and didn't have to piss, do laundry, and pull myself together so I can go out and get ****** **, but I do. Still positive about it, but Jesus Tapdancing Christ...2 of the games in the trailer are ???? what? Coming? Not? I can't remember anything like that happening before. Some of the luster of the reveal trailer has been rubbed off by the cold, hard reality of uncertainty. Some of it by speculation. Some by info from Nintendo itself. I wanted a docking station sauce bump. It's more smiles and sunshine than doom and gloom. I like it. But it's worthy of rational scrutiny.

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