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Mummelmann said:
Nautilus said:
Most of your complaints can be basically traced back to one simple point:Its a teaser trailer.Its not meant to be a full reveal or what not.Its just to get the name out there and get people aware of it.Now, wether Nintendo should release snipets of information through the holidays to then finally instead have the reveal in January instead of just holding all back is debetable, but saying that Nintendo is doing the same mistakes is plain wrong.And for all we know, this mystery around the Switch has been working so far, people have been talking nonstop about it, either in a positive light or negative, such as your post.

So, let me get this straight; OP cannot possibly use a 3 minute trailer to make his points but you can make an OP predicting 100 million or more lifetime sales based on the exact same info. Explain to me how that works, exactly.

Hey, I never said he cant have a conclusiob out of the teaser or even criticize.Anyone here have the right to do it.But just as he has the right to go on to my thread and say I am insane, that I am wrong and list his reasons, I believe I have the same right.I personally think he is wrong and I wrote it as so.There is no censorship here.

But I personally believe that my prediction was base more on concrete facts that we know or have a better knowledge of.I did mention all the things that still to be confirmed, and did say here and there what I hoped would be in or out, but my main three points were based on things that are already out there, and backed up by facts and data.This thread of his is more based on things we dont even know for sure or outright rumors and taken as a fact.And I personally believe that is much more open for criticism.

So all in all, he can write whatever he wants, but I have the right to say my piece, just as he has the right to say if my opinion is good or bad.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.